Greetings from Manila and thanks for helping Map the Philippines!

Our newest chapter, from Far East University Institute of Technology, sends their greetings to all! We welcome them .... And we thank YOU all for helping with the first featured remote project of 2017 for Map the Philippines. In January, our friends at Map the Philippines (MapPH) asked for our assistance in completing some very important tasks by this month (February), and they really appreciated your help. Map the Philippines (MapPH) is an international community working together with free mapping tools to help citizens, NGOs, business, schools, and government work better together to strengthen the resilience of our cities. The platform is a free and open source, open data platfor

Just a beginning, from an end: YouthMappers capacity building in Uganda

Youthmappers capacity building in Uganda: just a beginning, from an end. Over the last seven months, there has been an addition of five new chapters to the Global YouthMappers network! With their respective names: ● Good Mappers - Busitema University ● Mappers for life - Uganda Christian University in Mbale ● CSGU Mappers - Gulu Unversity ● Everlast Mappers - Kumi University ● Geomappers - Makerere University These Universities became part of the Youthmappers network because they aligned to one of the objectives of “providing structure and guidance to the individual, student-led mapping efforts that add needed data to OpenStreetMap. With the great work that had been done by the local OpenStr

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