YouthMappers Chapter Grows in Nigeria

In furtherance of our commitment to open mapping and humanitarian causes, the Ahmadu Bello University YouthMappers Chapter recently welcomed and introduced its newly admitted members to the chapter. Under the supervision of the YouthMappers advisor, Dr. Benedine Akpu, the meeting event started at around 10AM GMT+1. All newly admitted members were briefed on the YouthMappers mission, vision and efforts to promote, enhance and sustain open mapping for resilient and sustainable development. Members were also briefed about the OpenStreetMap platform, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap, and their responsibility. From the audience, we gleaned that about 65% of the newly admitted members already have an in

Launching the JKUAT Youth Mappers Chapter

All the way from Kenya, the Association of Geomatics Engineering Students (AGES), a student group with the mandate to grow skills, encourage teamwork, and expand the network of its members, has affiliated with the YouthMappers global network. The association sought this affiliation because our goals are aligned towards making geospatial data open source and developing the influence of student-led mapping efforts. We are looking forward to develop this interest further as a step towards cultivating more student mappers with a passion to create open data. Becoming an affiliate of the YouthMappers global network welcomes us to a world of diverse opportunity. The program will further the skills

How Youth Mappers in Uganda are improving their mapping skills through mapping with HOT for Malaria

During our 2nd year at University for our Internship in 2016 we were privileged to work with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) in Uganda to map financial inclusion in the capital Kampala and the Eastern part of Uganda. Through the project, we got to learn about OpenStreetMap and mobile data collection techniques. We got the opportunity to lead teams of other university students to collect the data, clean it up and upload it to OpenStreetMap. At the end of the project, we needed to get more involved in OpenStreetMap and HOT activities. To be able to spread the knowledge to the rest of the students at our University who had not participated in the project, we formed a Youth Mappers cha

YouthMappers in Uganda

Take a moment to listen to students from our Geo YouthMappers chapter in Uganda share about their experience with open mapping!

Having a Local Impact

Greetings, YouthMappers! Brandyn here, President of GIS Association at Geneseo (the Geneseo chapter of YouthMappers) in New York. and have streamlined the process of remotely impacting significant humanitarian projects around the world. We at Geneseo believe it is equally important to serve the needs of our local communities. I hope that by sharing our experience we can inspire other chapters to take on projects that will benefit the communities in which they live, thus enriching their lives and the lives of those around them. There are many community organizations that can benefit from the types of services that volunteer mapping professionals provide: loca

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