ABUGeomappers Earth Day Event

In our bid to promote a sustainable environment and create awareness about the looming dangers of climate change, the Youthmappers chapter at Ahmadu Bello University organized the #Earthday event. The event, which spans two days (21-22 April), began at 10:00am under the supervision of the chapter’s supervisors. This year’s theme, “Environment and Climate Literacy,” sees a lot of presentation, debates, and talks from all participants present. First, we enjoyed a classic Earth Day presentation from our very own Adiboy Okoro. Several points were raised about sustaining and protecting our planet, but the major point highlighted planting of trees, “greening” our schools, and also promoting climat

Learning through the Challenge

Yesterday, the Ahmadu Bello Geomappers had its second official training for its members, while also improving their skills using the Malaria Challenge task. ID Editor was utilized during the first part of the training, owing to its flexibility and ease of use. The participants were introduced to the Hot Tasking Manager, and the training commenced with HOT OSM project 2846. One common challenge encountered by the participants during the training was identifying buildings. As many may have observed, most of the areas earmarked by the HOT OSM community for the malaria mapping is rural, so buildings structures might not look like buildings in urban areas. A lot of the participants have this init

From Texas, USA to Yogyakarta, Indonesia

LBK to JOG: Lubbock - Yogyakarta Taking full advantage of our 2017 Spring Break, we travelled to Yogyakarta, Indonesia where we were given the humbling opportunity to teach students how to refine and make maps of their region using open source data. We capitalized on the efforts already made through the HOT OSM, or Humanitarian OpenStreetMap, tasks already active in Indonesia. The focus was directed towards Mount Sinabung, Task #750, an active stratovolcano in Indonesia’s North Sumatra Province, where USAID GeoCenter and the Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance sought to improve existing infrastructure data; particularly buildings, roads, and inland water features. These features are impor

PoliMappers at Maptime Milan

PoliMappers is a student association of Politecnico di Milano, Italy and a YouthMappers chapter. The mission of PoliMappers is to train and motivate the next generation of volunteer mappers. The association organizes internal monthly meetings to perform either field mapping (e.g. at our university campus) or remote mapping as well as training on OpenStreetMap (OSM) tools. Our future activities will also include teaching mapping within primary and secondary schools. PoliMappers had a unique opportunity to do mapping for cultural heritage in a Maptime event. Maptime Milan is a monthly learning environment and meeting for map nerds, geo-geeks, and spatially-oriented people in Milan. Maptime vol

GWU Geography Students Use Open Source Tools to Put Vulnerable Communities in Guatemala on the Map

For our Geography M.S. capstone project we had an opportunity to partner with the Pan American Development Foundation (PADF) to work on a project that aims to strengthen the capacity of vulnerable communities in Guatemala to mitigate, adapt to, and recover from natural hazards. Our task was to help PADF achieve this goal by bringing open source mapping tools to disaster-prone communities in Mixco, Guatemala and creating linkages between stakeholders to foster ongoing data collection and sharing. We are hoping that the data created during our project will help local disaster response committees and community members to better understand disaster risks, improve early warning plans and mitigate

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