I found the impact that I want to generate.

I'm basically in diapers when we talk about mapping, open data, or how both are used for community development. Even so, I was given the INCREDIBLE (sorry to use such a basic word to describe it, but if I think it over, no fancy vocabulary could really do justice to the experience I lived and I firmly believe that in simplicity one can also find great feelings) opportunity to be one of 20 candidates to participate in the "First YouthMappers Leadership Fellows Workshop" in Kathmandu, Nepal. Following the structure of my colleagues, I have to tell you that just like them the acceptance letter caught me by surprise. I realized I had been selected thanks to one of my classmates and I screamed a

Mapping it all in Kathmandu, Nepal

“Hello! My name is Ben and I’m from Ghana. I like to…” then Ben slid his arm forward simulating the movements in a game of chess on an imaged board. The circle of 30 strangers from around the world had to repeat Ben’s name, mimic his action, and then move on to the next person in the large circle. This initially embarrassing, but ultimately hilarious ice-breaker was the beginning of an engaging, demanding, and rewarding YouthMappers Fellows Leadership Workshop – the first of its kind – held in Kathmandu Nepal, in May, 2017. YouthMappers student Fellows Manjurul Islam, Frikan Erwee, and Sasha Guttentag repeat Faculty Facilitator, Richard Hinton’s, favorite activity – which is snowboarding. Y

We are the Pioneers of YouthMappers Legacy

The world is getting smaller day by day as it offers you the power to explore the diversity of the world map on your fingertips. Absorbing this feeling, there would be no extensive exploration of this inexplicable world like a global citizen until today. Envisioning the world map by holding the hands of 19 YouthMappers fellows, led by amazing facilitators, was enough to catch a glimpse of the seven continents in those eight days. "We don't just build maps, we build mappers” These words from the YouthMappers inspired me to apply for the fellowship of the YouthMappers 2017 Leadership Initiatives. I received the email from Prof. Patricia Solis on 24th January 2017 and to my joy I was selected a

Raising Leaders, Building Mappers, Creating Resilience: The Kathmandu Experience.

“Selecting leaders is critical. You do your best to identify those who are leaders. Sometimes you are right, sometimes you are wrong but in the selection of the twenty students, the steering committee was right. They did a great job” As we walk the journey of developing a generation of young leaders, who will define their world by mapping and creating resilient communities, it became salient that we develop and mentor the leadership of our YouthMappers’ Chapters by impacting into them the right leadership skills needed to lead their chapter activities to ensure sustainability. The coming together of the first brilliant, energetic, and ambitious twenty young leaders from across the world, wh

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