Offline OSM

OpenStreetMap (OSM) is a free and open online map, constructed through crowd-sourced volunteer contributions. Anyone can add to it, anyone can edit it, and anyone can use the data. Marginalized communities worldwide can put themselves on the map. However, it does depend on contributing users having a stable internet connection, and this unfortunately limits its use in areas of low connectivity and precludes the participation of portions of the global population. Tools like OpenMapKit and Field Papers allow mappers to collect information in the field, but still require an internet connection at the end of the day. Here are two OSM-based platforms that aim to bridge this connectivity gap. Port

My week as a Student Assistant at the Esri User Conference 2017

As a graduate student in the City and Regional Planning program at Clemson University, I was introduced to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) through a course in my first year. It made me aware that geography and its new technologies are critical components in the global infrastructure, in universities, and in society. My understanding is that the integrative capabilities of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Science are increasingly helping to shape a new landscape of science – one that has 'space' as its defining framework. It has extended the frontiers of many disciplines and emerged as a discipline. For example, it has been used in epidemiology to assess and model disease distr

#BeBoldForChange through mapping

Expansion and presence of the YouthMappers network has recorded a precedent increase on OpenStreetMap edits. With more than 15 million map changes from over 4,100 mappers within two years on various projects, in different sectors ranging from Agriculture, Health, Social Vices, disaster, etc, of which the female gender is the greatest beneficiary. Intense mapping for the 3.6 billion female gender which constitutes about 49.6% of the world population (United Nations, 2015) led to our #letgirlsmap campaign which began on March 8th, International Women’s Day and runs until October 10th, International Day of the Girl. This campaign intends to be continuous with the aim of engaging more female map

Empower Youth Through Education for Action and Transformation

The majority of the Kenyan population is made up of 45% of young people. However, almost half of new HIV/AIDS infections are among adolescents and young people and one in every two infections is a youth. Education is a factor of change in peoples’ lives and every child has the right to a safe, formal, good quality education, and access to lifelong learning. However, due to a combination of factors, many girls are forced to leave school while others never have the opportunity to attend in the first place. G-Dev (GeoDevelopers), a YouthMappers chapter in Dedan Kimathi University of Technology in Nyeri County, Kenya took the initiative to be the voice of the youth by creating awareness on the i

My Mandela Washington Fellowship Experience

Hello, my name is Naa Dedei Tagoe, a Geomatics Engineer by profession and a Lecturer at the University of Mines and Technology in Ghana, where I mentor and advise the UMaT YouthMappers chapter. This summer, I had a unique opportunity to participate in the Young African Leaders Initiative's (YALI) Mandela Washington Fellowship program at Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. The Fellowship has been inspiring and transformative experience which far surpassed my expectations. The opportunity to meet twenty-four energetic and like-minded fellows from fifteen African countries was a great privilege and I have learnt a lot from them. Amidst the unpredic

New YouthMappers Chapter Map

We are very excited to reveal the new YouthMappers interactive chapter map! Now, you can search for a YouthMappers chapter by zooming into the map and hovering your mouse over an orange point to identify a university with a YouthMappers chapter. If you click on a point, a team photo, chapter name, location, and description will appear in the column on the right. Clicking the hyperlinked chapter name will take you directly to a chapter's website. Alternatively, you can click on the link to access the list of chapters, located in the top, right corner of the map, to open a new page with a chart listing all founding, inaugural, and member chapters. You can sort this chart by city and country an

Where have #youthmappers changed OpenStreetMap?

YouthMappers have been working to edit the people's map, OpenStreetMap, in support of many development and humanitarian efforts. From remote campaigns that engage our full global network of chapters, to local efforts addressing special initiatives, when YouthMappers create new features or add attributes to OSM, we ask them to include the hashtag #youthmappers in the changeset comments. Since April of 2016, we have been tracking the monthly output of edits using this cool tool here . In all, you have mapped nearly 16 million edits in OSM ! We thought you'd love to know just where have YouthMappers been mapping around the world? Here's a list of the top 35 countries sorted by the greatest num

January 23rd

Once upon a time 7 month ago I saw an email saying I was going to Nepal for a YouthMappers Leadership Fellows Initiative 2017, it said that I needed to send my passport number, prepare an essay, and send other documents. I thought to myself, “WAIT! I must have read it wrong, it can’t be right!” So I called my sister and let her know and the first thing she said was “I’ll share the e-mail with a friend to make sure you read it correctly” and her friend confirmed - I had been chosen to participate at the YouthMappers Leadership Fellows Workshop 2017. Now all I needed was a passport because I had never had one before! I was so nervous for this opportunity that I studied for a long time, learne

Crowd2Map putting rural Tanzania on the map

Crowd2Map Tanzania is a crowdsourced mapping project aiming to put rural Tanzania on the map. Since 2015, we have been adding schools, hospitals, roads, buildings and villages to OpenStreetMap with the help of over 1600 volunteers worldwide and on the ground in Tanzania. We are concentrating first on the areas where girls are at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM) to support a Safe House built in Mugumu by Tanzania Development Trust. With zero budget we added over a million buildings and mapped over 70,000 sq kilometres. Having better maps helped prevent 2257 girls from being cut during last year’s FGM “cutting season” and the numbers dying was reduced from 12 to 4. We were delighted

Lessons from the Africa Open Data Conference

The second Africa Open Data Conference (AODC) took place in Accra, Ghana from July 17– 21, 2017. The conference aimed to strengthen the use of Open Data (OD) for innovation, job creation and growth in Africa and was organized by the Government of Ghana and supported by the African Open Data Collaborative and partners. This gathering brought together open data experts from government, civil society, academia, private sector, development organizations, and others who are committed to furthering the transfer of knowledge around open data from various countries all around the world. The five-day meeting included hands-on training with complete workshops and breakout sessions. The AODC had a 3-da

Drones – Friends of the Earth

Like many people my age, the first time I heard of drones was in a military-context. Calculated killers – drones to me were nothing more than murderous machines sent to make people disappear. With the conception of Amazon’s drone delivery service, I was still told to be weary of drones. Popular articles warned of Big Brother and constant surveillance – an omnipresent threat able to see you naked in your home. It wasn’t until taking geography courses in college – and even up until I researched for this blog post – that I gained a friendlier perspective on drones. Over the past decade, drones have been the forefront of environmental and conservation research, mapping land-use changes and prote

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