Polaroid moments through the eyes of a YouthMapper

Sometimes in life, we want to relive some of the moments by taking it with the Polaroid camera. Here, I want to share some of the Polaroid moments of State of the Map Asia, which show that YouthMappers are creating a great movement across the universe. Here is a highlight, when we saw the chief Geographer of the United States, Dr. Lee Schwartz, take off his jacket to show the audience his amazing cool YouthMappers T-shirt. Like Super Man! Other Polaroid moments were when we saw the fantastic as well as inspirational presentations of the different country representatives of the Asian continent. It creates a great source of sharing and exchanging knowledge among the audience. As a Bangladeshi,

Announcing the 2018 YouthMappers Research Fellowships Call for Applications

DEADLINE 15 January 2018 The YouthMappers program invites applications for the 2018 YouthMappers Research Fellowship, a 9-month program designed to enlist, enable, and showcase the contributions of open geospatial data for research on resilience of vulnerable populations around the world. The proposed research projects must create and use open data, meet a standard of excellence and address the competitive criteria listed in the full call for applications, available at this webpage: Applications should be submitted by a team of two: 1) a university student (either undergraduate, masters or doctoral level) and 2) his/her faculty mentor or thesis advisor

Mapping bridges the gap.

October 11 is marked as the International Day of the Girl (IDG). The day is aimed at empowering and investing in the girl child as a step towards eliminating the discrimination and violence they face. This day is dedicated to providing different opportunities for girls everywhere to show leadership and reach their full potential. Let Girls Map is a YouthMappers campaign that compliments the United Nations initiative. The campaign, which is active from International Women’s Day, March 8 to International Day of the Girl , October 11, features mapping activities that are intended to offer support to women and girls issues, and in effect foster a worldwide community for female student mappers. G

State of the Map Asia 2017: Dreams and future promises

State of the Map Asia - The annual Asian conference of OpenStreetMap (OSM) users, hobbyists, and campaigners in Asia was a gathering of users and developers from a variety of backgrounds ranging from non-profit humanitarian agencies to commercial multinational companies and government agencies. The conference in Nepal was important in the sense that two years ago, Nepal suffered from a devastating earthquake and during the time of the earthquake the use of crowdsourced information was phenomenal in rescue and recovery efforts. More than 9,000 people volunteered in creating the geographic information needed for immediate rescue and recovery which demonstrated how useful citizen generated info

First YouthMappers Video Challenge!

We are excited to announce our first ever YouthMappers Video Challenge! Missing Maps recently surpassed 32,000 volunteers for the program worldwide, and as we continue to grow, we’d love for some of our experienced mapathon hosts to share their advice with some of our newer participants. With 78 chapters worldwide, the YouthMappers network has quickly grown to include over 4,000 student mappers. Share your success story with the community by submitting a video! Guidelines: Please record your video in English, with subtitles in a second (or third!) language if you prefer. Please keep your video to 5 minutes or less. Remember that your audience is anyone who is thinking of hosting a mapathon


As part of the internship we are having at Map Kibera Trust under the YouthMappers programme, one of the activities that we were involved in was the Security Mapping project in the months of June and July. The project was aimed at highlighting the areas of concern within the region owing to the fact that it was an electioneering period in the country, and there was a need to update the security map since the last time it was updated and used was during the 2013 elections. Some of the features that we were going to map were safe and unsafe areas, street lights, health centers and police posts within the area. Prior to the mapping exercise, we had a training session at our offices under the l

Citizen Science GIS Program

Hi, my name is Rachel Layko, and I am a student at the College of William & Mary in Williamsburg, Virginia. This past summer I participated in the Citizen Science GIS Program, a National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates Site where I worked with a team of fellow students to combine GIS technologies and community-based international research. From left to right: Chino, Erin, me in the middle, Rigo and Michelle. The five of us worked together this summer to study marine debris along the coast of Hopkins. The summer started like a whirlwind, eight students from across the United States meeting in Orlando with our research advisers Dr. Timothy L. Hawthorne from the Unive

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