Gathering of Young Minds Under the Rooftop of YouthMappers

Ensuring the quality of public health is the right of every citizen. This motivation can create a bridge to integrate mapping with public health. For emphasizing the dimension of public health, YouthMappers can contribute a revolutionary change to the enhancement of public health history for every country. The YouthMappers programme took place at the EMK Center at 2 PM on 26 October in collaboration with WHO Simulation Bangladesh. The participants who attended were students from medicine, dentistry, public health, food and nutrition as well as various disciplines from the University of Dhaka. The purpose of the programme was to include different young health stakeholders in one platform to s

UCC celebrates OSM GeoWeek and 1 year with YouthMappers

UCC had a successful Geoweek celebration! On November 13, we had a staff-students consultative meeting with all the students reading geography and faculty members about the state of geography at the Department of Geography and Regional Planning, University of Cape Coast. The vision of the Department and activities for the next five years was made known to the students. GIS, Remote Sensing and OpenStreetMap form a major component of it. Students were asked to ask any questions, contribute, and comment on anything regarding teaching and learning of geography and how to make the course practical oriented was made during the open forum. The auditorium was full to capacity (over 1200 students).

YouthMappers organize for #osmgeoweek

Throughout the month of November, YouthMappers chapters hosted events and recruited new volunteer mappers to participate in various OpenStreetMap (OSM) based projects in support of open data and open mapping to celebrate Geography Awareness Week. In total, over 40 chapters from 16 countries mapped over 1.8 million edits with the highest activity recorded between November 10-18th. Our top contributors are YouthMappers from Uganda, Guinea, Ghana, Kenya, Benin, Togo, and Costa Rica! This total number of edits does not include all #osmgeoweek activities because some chapters faced campus activity restrictions during end of semester exams and alternatively planned events for the last week of Nove

Special moments experienced at SOTM Asia

State of the Map Asia is an annual gathering of the mappers, GIS experts, mapping related organizations, national and international donor organizations from around the world, and Government representatives especially from Asian countries. It was a great pleasure for me to be the part of this conference. I would like to thank YouthMappers for giving me the opportunity to participate in this event. The various presentations focused on discussing important questions such as how open street map has contributed to various development sections, analyzing the current state of OpenStreetMap in Asian countries, how can open data can linked with government and NGOs, and the benefit of OpenStreetMap an

Editing offline, a better way to cope with the inaccessibility to a quality internet

Editing offline, a better way to cope with the inaccessibility to a quality internet: SGA-Youth Mappers experiencing Java OpenstreetMap (JOSM) editor Mapping on OpenStreetMap (OSM) can be very difficult when you do not have access to a good internet connection. Since the creation of our chapter, the members have learned to map on OSM with ID editor. Editing with ID requires you to have good internet speed and enough data to view and manipulate satellite images on Openstreetmap. In Sierra Leone, the Internet infrastructure has a poor quality and Student's Geographical Association (SGA) - Youth mappers have encountered difficulties in carrying out mapping activities. That is why Texas Tech Uni

A week-long celebration of #osmgeoweek at the University of Port Harcourt

In celebration of the OpenStreetMap GeoWeek, The UniqueMappers Team of the University of Port Harcourt held a week-long event which ran from 12th - 18th November 2017. The event commenced on Sunday November 12, 2017 with the mapping of worship centers using Maps.Me mobile app. Participants used to map the location of their churches. On Monday November 13th, an awareness campaign was carried out to enlighten people on the activities of YouthMappers and the UniqueMappers team at the University of Port Harcourt. The aim was to educate students on the importance of mapping, especially those outside of the discipline of geography. After this, a leadership training was held for team leade

Introducing GeoQuery

Geospatial research is often limited across certain disciplines due to its complex nature; compiling and working with spatial data can be tricky and mastering programs like ArcGIS and Q takes considerable time. Imagine being able to download all the geospatial data you wanted in under 5 minutes, without any special technical knowledge. With AidData’s new GeoQuery tool, accessing geospatial data has never been easier. What is AidData? AidData is a research and innovation lab at the College of William & Mary (Williamsburg, VA, USA) that tracks global development finance flows with the mission of increasing aid transparency, accountability, and efficacy. By focusing on the question who is doing

Microgrant: Humanitarian mapping of coastal wetlands and fishing livelihoods for resilience to clima

This guest blog post first appeared on the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team blog on October 2, 2017. Rural and urban communities in Turbo, a municipality located in the Caribbean coast of Colombia, live in lowlands prone to heavy-rainfall-triggered floods. These communities, mostly consisting of fishermen and their families, are frequently inundated by coastal surges induced by storms. These hazards are being magnified by global warming and sea-level rise. The municipality is also part of the Urabá Gulf, located in the Southern-most part of the Caribbean Region in the vicinity with Panama, one of the wettest in the humid tropics. Some areas of the Urabá Gulf are also being severely deforested

#osmgeoweek is around the corner!

#osmgeoweek2017 is around the corner! Have you registered your event? OSM GeoWeek presents a great opportunity for students and colleagues to participate in something both meaningful and fun. Many of our YouthMappers chapters have organized and registered events celebrating Geography Awareness Week. To register an event you are holding on your campus or in your community, fill out this FORM and your event will be registered. If you want to attend an event taking place near you, visit the #osmgeoweek calendar.

A memorable journey of a YouthMapper along with lot of “firsts"

The word “First” has its own power. The first experience of anything is always special to a person. Life is a mesmerizingly amazing thing. We don’t know what is waiting for us in future. The future is a vague thing and we should have some dreams for the future. In every span of life, we want to relish our first experiences and State of the Map Asia 2017 has given a lot of first experiences to me. I am very much fortunate having this opportunity in my life. In my life I have learned one thing if you want to do something with all your efforts, then the universe will try to give opportunities to you so that you can gain that thing you desire. When I got the mail from the SOTM team, I was so hap

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