Mapping Arsenic Contamination - Youth Mappers at AUW Bangladesh

This post was originally published on the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team's blog on December 6, 2017. Why create a mapping Project on Arsenic? Arsenic poisoning from drinking water in Bangladesh has already been identified as one of the world’s greatest humanitarian disasters. According to Chemists without Borders, an international organization which has been working with arsenic issues of Bangladesh for years, “Out of 150 million people of Bangladesh, 35-77 million people are at risk from arsenic contamination of water. It is estimated that between 1-5 million children are at risk of death by arsenicosis by 2030.” This makes it clear that arsenic poisoning is a serious problem which needs t

Announcing the 2018 YouthMappers Chapter Awards!

On behalf of the YouthMappers steering committee, we are pleased to announce the 2018 YouthMappers Chapter Awards! We selected a number of chapter groups for special recognition for their inspiring accomplishments over the past year from information submitted in annual chapter reports, and from our knowledge of these outstanding student-led and organized activities. 2018 Women's Participation Award For engaging through leadership and membership of a majority of female student mappers into their YouthMappers chapter, enriching the network and program activities, and carrying out a vision for an inclusive community that defines our world by mapping it. All Over the Map! at William and Mary, Co

Mapping and Training: Eastern University YouthMappers Chapter

Mapping is always an interesting field of enjoyment for any individual, and if the mapping tasks are ‘Mapping To End FGM: Mwanza East' or ‘Eliminate Malaria: Angola 6’ , then spending moments for mapping becomes joyful. It is fascinating that we are creating maps with information of nearby locations that we usually visit for various purposes. I wonder, if someone had not thought to create Google Maps or OpenStreetMap (OSM), it would not have been possible to accomplish the following: Going from one place to another without asking anyone for route directions Going to nearby or distant places using the shortest path available Learning the actual distance in kilometers or miles for better vehic

State of The Map Tanzania: The power of Mapping

The State of The Map Tanzania conference was hosted by Crowd2Map in collaboration with Ramani Hurai, on the 8th to 10th of December 2017, in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I arrived at Julius Nyerere International Airport on December 7th, at 22:45. There I was, in the middle of the night, in a country I had never been to. I walked out of the airport and was greeted by a man in a language I do not speak. “I do not speak Swahili” I said. “Oh, where are you going? Do you need a taxi?”. I was introduced to a taxi driver who told me he didn’t know how to get to my destination and he didn’t really speak English. The first thing I thought of was opening the application on my phone. I typed in my

Welcoming our 100th YouthMappers Chapter: The Nature Club of Karatina University

YouthMappers welcomes its 100th chapter in 100 weeks, Karatina University in Nyeri County, Kenya. Karatina University’s School of Natural Resources and Environment celebrated Global GIS day in November 2017, during which many undergraduate students majoring in GIS expressed their interest in having a platform to exchange ideas and learn. The school organized a panel and Mr. Elijah Karanja was invited as a guest geo-mentor to share his experience of how the YouthMappers program helped him improve his personal and professional GIS journey. Mr. Kingori, from Dedan Kimathi University of Technology’s YouthMappers Chapter, GDEV, was selected as one of 20 YouthMappers Leadership fellows and travele

Introducing the YouthMappers Resource Library - we need Regional Editors and Translators!

We are very proud to introduce the YouthMappers Resource Library! This new platform for chapters is the culmination for months of work by YouthMappers Leadership Fellows, YouthMappers Staff, and YouthMappers faculty advisors. Through the Resource Library, chapter members can access a variety of resources in the form of links and downloadable documents for mapping, training, hosting mapathons, integrating student-led activities into university curricula, and managing a YouthMappers chapter. Navigating the site is easy! Using the left panel, browse through the pages organized by topic: Higher Ed - is a collection of free resources and syllabi to support integrating YouthMappers student-led act

UNICEF school mapping using the OpenStreetMap Platform

Information poverty is an ongoing research topic at UNICEF, which aims to estimate an average Kilobyte of information a child would access daily. Since every child is directly or indirectly attached to a school, then it means that once a school is found, children are found also. Given this situation it is paramount to map every school, and collect important information such as location, names, address etc. Crowd-sourcing is a fresh and innovative way of gathering knowledge and information from the people, public or masses using a variety of platforms/tools using the internet which serves as a link to bring different people from different locations to a particular project. This approach lever

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