Community knowledge and ground-level information for identifying diverse, discursive, and scale-vari

“Who are the poor? Where are they? They have a face. They have a very specific, in some cases, even location. And we tend to deal with them as if they are a homogeneous group. They are not.” Graça Machel, Founder, Foundation for Community Development, Mozambique; Founder, Graça Machel Trust USAID Frontiers in Development (2014) Modern international development approaches to alleviating poverty often include use of innovative technology to achieve development goals. In order to reach a solution consistent with the principles of the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which USAID and many other western development agencies strive towards, greater emphasis on community knowledge and app

MCC Mapping Corps hosts a #mapathon at Thomas High School!

On Wednesday, March 14, 2018, Monroe Community College (MCC) Mapping Corps held the first mapathon for Webster Thomas High School's introductory GIS class in Rochester, New York . MCC Mapping Corps is the first community college in New York and the second in the United States to join YouthMappers. During the event, high school students worked on digitizing roads and buildings in Tanzania in support of the Tanzania Development Trust project focused on the high incidence of extreme poverty, early marriage, and gender-based violence in rural Tanzania. The task description on the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team task manager explained that NGOs on the ground need better road and residential area

Use of OpenStreetMap and InaSAFE for assessing wildfire risk to high-value assets

We often hear OpenStreetMap labeled as a “Wikipedia of maps” with more than three million contributors. The most common features mapped either by a beginner or by an expert are the buildings and roads around their neighborhood. Mapping of these high-value assets provides are of great importance to humanitarian organizations as it gives a clear picture of the settlements and infrastructures in a particular area. OSM data has been used to support relief distribution during and after several disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and floods. The data available in OpenStreetMap allows agencies and local groups to efficiently plan and allocate their resources for evacuation and relief distri

Using GIS to help a the Shiremanstown Home-school Group

Approximately 1.7 percent of school age students in Pennsylvania are home-schooled. In a recent hearing about the Pennsylvania home-school law, the superintendent of Northern York School District, Dr. Eric Eshbach, stated that as many as 4% of school age students in Central Pennsylvania may be home-schooled. Co-ops, which offer classes to home-schooled students, vary in their services. Most are parent led. In contrast, Shiremanstown Home-school Group provides paid instructors to teach academic and elective classes to home-school families in Central Pennsylvania. In order to improve their service to the home-school community, last month I proposed that I would construct three maps for the

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