The Beauty of Girls Empowerment

First and foremost, there is a revolutionary step towards making women matter in society which is aimed at making the old dogma regarding them fade into their achievements, especially in Africa. The girl child education was not in existence in Africa decades ago but positive platforms set out to bring girls into every facet in the society have made it possible for girls to be positively recognized in the society. Pioneer LetGirlsMap members of LionMappersTeam, Enugu Campus The Let Girls Map wing of LionMappersTeam-Enugu Campus chapter, which have a set mission, vision and a well-defined agenda though activities, plan on actualizing girl child empowerment. YouthMappers accomplishes this throu

Sharing the lessons of the National NGO Programme on Humanitarian Leadership with the University of

“Sharing the activities of YouthMappers with others is not only the mantra of learning, but also allowing others the ability to visualize the world map like global citizens. It is the most resourceful way to explore the multidimensional prospects of youth contribution in a holistic way.” A training module was given, it was combined with a technical session along with field work. The participants were introduced to YouthMappers, edited the maps, participated in various group activities on resilience and stress in the humanitarian leadership session, and, last of all, ended with the field work by using Kobo Toolbox and Mapiliary . During the first part of the training, the participants of the

Training held to Revamp University of Liberia YouthMappera Chapter

The University of Liberia YouthMappers (ULYMS) chapter held its first training session on July 3, 2018 as a way of re-introducing YouthMappers to students and reawakening the chapter. The overall objective of the training was to introduce students to YouthMappers and give students a basic idea on how and why the network was established, who are the members, which regions YouthMappers are actively working in, and what it is all about. Additionally, the training was held to: Encourage students to engage with OpenStreetMap (OSM) and open source tools. Explain OSM and train students to edit on OSM and enhance their technical skills and empower them to identify local issues that need mapping. Ens

Telling our story - the YouthMappers Research Fellowship Symposium

To see the YouthMappers Research Fellowship Story Map in your web browser, click here. Dennis Aibuedefe Irorere is a student in the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at the Federal University of Technology Akure, Nigeria. He was selected among 80 applicants to participate in the 9 month YouthMappers Research Fellowship and recently traveled to the Research Symposium hosted by The George Washington University and West Virginia University in June.

Mapping a bridge across the Atlantic Ocean - How Two University Students Hope to Implement a Sister

The process of globalization has affected all aspects of public life. With the spread of the internet and global trade, access to data has become imperative for the preservation of the health, educational opportunities, and finances of individual citizens. All sorts of diagnostics, surveys, and models are used to conduct public policy nowadays, and that process also requires large access and storage of data. But what happens when that process is privatized by large corporations and monopolized by academics? To their detriment, individual citizens, especially those of low-socioeconomic status, find themselves misrepresented in key development projects. It is important to reverse this trend an

UniqueMappersTeam Collaboration with Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd.

This guest blog originally appeared on the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team blog on 11 June 2018. On the 23rd May 2018, the UniqueMappersTeam YouthMappers chapter at the University of Port Harcourt went on the first official visit to Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd. The event agenda consisted of presentations, an MOU negotiation between Transparent Earth and UniqueMappersTeam (UMT), speeches, and a vote of thanks. UniqueMappersTeam receive a warm welcome from Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd Introductory speeches were given by the coordinator of UMT, Mr. Victor N.Sunday, and Dr. C. L. Eze, the Managing Director of the company and a brief presentation was made by the Technical Manager on the geosci

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