The Importance of Mapping in Earthquake Regions

Living in California has its benefits when it comes to weather and protection from natural disasters. Many types of natural disasters do not occur in the region but the one lingering threat that comes without warning is an earthquake. There are faults throughout the state but also throughout the world in regions known as “the ring of fire” or according the the Earthquake Glossary, “the Circum-Pacific belt, is the zone of earthquakes surrounding the Pacific Ocean about 90% of the world's earthquakes occur there”. The area includes the west coasts of North, Central and South America, the East Coasts and small island countries in Asia and the South Pacific as well as New Zealand. The State of

Cross-continental YouthMapping for fighting schistosomiasis in the Senegal River Valley

In some regions of the world, the relationship with the environment is troublesome, as it can give both access to natural resources and exposure to diseases. A problem of this kind is happening in Senegal, in the region of Saint-Louis, which is endemic for schistosomiasis, the most devastating neglected tropical disease affecting Sub-Saharan Africa. Schistosomiasis has a water-based transmission cycle: the parasite driving it follows a complex life cycle in which snails, living on aquatic vegetation typically found in rivers, canals and swamps, act as intermediate hosts. When humans enter infected waters, the parasite can penetrate their skins and eventually settles in the urogenital or inte

YouthMappers – Seize the Opportunities

YouthMappers members aren’t just people who want to map…this organization is there for great celebrations and world issues and because of that we have a strong bond. YouthMappers is built on young leaders who don’t just want to see change, they want to be the change! Members have a real impact in the world, and it is so inspiration to be a part of. My name is Emily Glaeser. I have been part of YouthMappers since the very beginning, but I very excited to now be a Research Assistant at Texas Tech University. I am currently a Geography master’s student with a focus in Deaf accommodations. I’m focusing on this because for the past five years I have been learning and studying American Sign Langua

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