YouthMappers ASU x UCR Visit: Exploring VGI Use in Official GI

Progress in crucial evidence-based decision making by government agencies is often limited by lack of geospatial data. Youth, academic, and non-governmental organizations  and solo citizen scientists contribute to open geospatial data every day, especially in areas at risk of disaster (like natural hazard or conflict prone states) in an effort to increase community resilience. Data like these are immensely valuable as they have helped to expedite time-sensitive work like evacuation and medical aid efforts. However, volunteered geospatial data are very infrequently integrated with official data. Dr. Patricia Solís, based at Arizona State University, with funding by the National Science Founda

My Experience from Soko Aerial Professional Drone Piloting and Data Processing Program

My name is Chris Eshun, a third-year Geomatic Engineering student at the University of Mines and Technology, Tarkwa, Ghana. I am the Training Coordinator for UMaT YouthMappers Chapter, a member of OpenStreetMap Ghana and a drone enthusiast. The Soko Aerial Training Program is a 5-day program for learning the drone technology extensively. The objectives of this program are to learn to control and maneuver drones, understand the flying safety and legal issues with drones, the career pathways of the drone technology in the industry. The Training was scheduled to start on 17th June, the first day involved an introduction to the participants the world of civil drones. We learnt the basics of dron

The process of making Rwanda YouthMappers more gender inclusive

Rwanda was second in the world according to the 2009 Social Watch Gender Equity Index, with only Sweden having a higher score. Gender equality is enshrined in the constitution and Rwanda was the first country in the world to have more than 50% female members of Parliament. As Rwandans we have decided to support our country to keep this ahead. In the process of making YouthMappers a more gender inclusive community, especially engaging females in Mapping, RwandaYouthMappers has set up an initiative called LetHelpMYsister2Map where by this campaign each guy in the chapter has to invite at least one lady to participate in chapter activities and mentor her in mapping activities. We have set up th

Ghanaian YouthMappers and the BRECcIA Experience

On this faithful day 16th April, 2019, Michael Batame and Sabina Abuga woke up to see an interesting opportunity email sent by Dr. Patricia Solis. The email was on a project called Building Research Capacity and sustainable water and food Security in drylands of Sub Saharan Africa (BRECcIA), a UK Global Challenge Research Fund (GCRF) project. We applied and got selected for the workshop. The study area of the project was in Talensi District, Upper East Region of Ghana. We introduced this opportunity to our chapter members and Noela Yakubu who is in UG YouthMappers got selected to participate in the workshop. The workshop was held from 3rd to 6th June, 2019 at Comme Ci Comme Ca in Bolgatanga,

YouthMappers Regional Ambassadors

We are very excited to announce the YouthMappers Regional Ambassadors. During their one year appointment, the 14 selected ambassadors will contribute directly to the growth of the YouthMappers network through local outreach by recruiting highly motivated students to organize, create, and formally establish university-based YouthMappers chapters. This cohort of regional ambassadors includes former fellows and mentors who have been or currently are student officers within their YouthMappers chapters and understand the needs of students interested in creating and using open geospatial data to directly address locally defined development challenges. In addition to facilitating the creation of ne

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