Unforgettable outing of a YouthMapper - AGDIC 2019, Accra - Ghana

“A joint development initiative of National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and United States Agency for International Development (USAID), SERVIR works in partnership with leading regional organizations world-wide to help developing countries use information provided by Earth observing satellites and geospatial technologies for managing climate risks and land use. We empower decision-makers with tools, products, and services to act locally on climate-sensitive issues such as disasters, agriculture, water, and ecosystems and land use. SERVIR is improving awareness, increasing access to information, and supporting analysis to help people in West Africa, Eastern and Southern Africa

#ThrowbackThursday: SOTMUS 2019

It has been a few months since the State of the Map US 2019 and this blog is already starting to feel old. Part of the delay is due to my being busy with other things (fulfilling the partial requirement for a bachelor’s degree in Meteorology), another part is due to the fact that I haven’t been able to find my words. I was opportune to be one of the scholars at the State of the Map US which was held in Minneapolis, Minnesota, the United States of America from September 6th to 8th, 2019. The conference joins the OpenStreetMap community at State of the Map US in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I connected with other mappers, businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits, all collaborating around the

Interning remotely with YouthMappers & USAID GeoCenter

Background I am an electrician. Specifically, I’m an AE2 in the USN. For those of you that don’t communicate primarily in acronyms, I am an Aviation Electrician’s Mate Petty Officer Second Class in the United States Navy. (Whew, that’s a mouthful.) My specialization is the MQ-4C Triton and I am part of the Navy’s first unmanned patrol squadron; I previously specialized in electrical component repair for the P-3 Orion, C-130 Hercules, and E-2 Hawkeye. MQ-4C Triton’s first flight on May 22, 2013. Photo credit: Alex Evers I have enjoyed my time in the Navy immensely, but am also looking forward to joining the civilian workforce as a GIS professional. My current squadron does some pretty amazin

Have you met the new communications specialist, Dara?

Well now you have, at least virtually! Hello, I’m Dara Carney-Nedelman, and I’ve recently joined the YouthMappers team as your communications specialist. I graduated from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville in May 2019. My major was honors communication studies and my research focused on group communication. How did I hear about YouthMappers, you may ask? Starting in 4th grade I began using GPS units in 4-H activities. 4-H is a youth development program in the United States. Then in 8th grade I became a charter member of the Unicoi County 4-H GPS/GIS Team. From 8th to 11th grade I was a member of the National 4-H GIS Leadership Team and was able to attend the Esri International User Con

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