YouthMappers Supporting COVID-19 Relief Through HOT Rapid Response Microgrant: COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting communities across the globe in many shapes and forms. The Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) is ensuring that disaster relief data and maps can be produced to support vulnerable communities living in areas where an existing crisis may be intensified by the outbreak. Living in unmapped areas could mean that these communities are left out of COVID-19 assistance programs enrolled by governments and well-wishers. As part of the response, HOT launched Rapid Response Microgrants: COVID-19 whose funds are to be designated specifically for remote-based activities that focus on improving the community and global response towards this pandemic. Geo YouthMappers I

SHARING IS CARING – How to ensure diversity inclusion among YouthMappers: Post-COVID-19.

YouthMappers is a student movement across the globe building and steering generational leaders through application of open source and web-based geospatial technologies like OpenStreetMap(OSM). Through OSM contributions, a multitude of student participants/mappers gathers from around the world to build and strengthen resilience among their communities through several mapping projects including those addressing health [for example; #Mapping4COVID-19], sanitation, bad cultural practices and many development challenges. Through these projects, the program is significantly grooming community resilient leaders; bridging the gap between the current trend digital tools and students’ resources but in

IRDP YouthMappers Field Work Report

1.0 Introduction The training was conducted to ensure YouthMappers at IRDP (Institute of Rural Development Planning) start to use modern technology in data collection and map design. Previously IRDP used local tools for data collection and map design, such as paper questionnaires and simple hand drawing maps. Another time IRDP YouthMappers used ODK(Open Data Kit) and QGIS to collect data and come up with a printed map. The study was conducted to prepare IRDP students to be able to use various tools during fieldwork. The training was conducted at IRDP and in the field, from 12th March to 17th March 2020. 1.1 Activity Performed 1.1.1 Preparation Before going to do fieldwork, we had to make sur

Mapping of Food Outlets on University of Ghana Campus, Phase One and Two: A Field Paper and Open Dat

As they say, to whom much is given much is expected. We as YouthMappers of the University of Ghana are always on the move. We are the movers and shakers in creating a resilient environment through mapping. After the project we collaborated with BRECcIA (Research Capacity Building on Sustainable Water and Food Security in the Dry lands of Sub Saharan Africa, Talensi District, Upper East Region of Ghana) this project, Mapping Food outlets on the University of Ghana Campus, was birthed in August, 2019. The project manager is Mr. Daniel Mensah who is a PhD student at the University of Warwick Medical School. This project is in three phases namely mapping food outlet, food assessment and focus g

Learning from State of the Map Africa

I've heard that conferences are spaces to network, present your works and learn from outside your field as well, but State of the Map Africa (SOTMA) is quite different in the sense that it offers you the opportunity to experience the African culture, foods and myriads of other things. The 2019 edition of the conference was particularly interesting as we enjoyed a cross-collaboration with the World Bank Understanding Risk (UR) community. Held in the beautiful capital of Abidjan and the coastal town of Grand-Bassam respectively, the conference boast of over 600 participants from the academia, governments, private organizations, NGOs and multi-lateral organizations on a common day. I worked wit

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