Hudson Valley Mappers reflects on a year-long community mapping partnership

Hudson Valley Mappers reflects on a year-long community mapping partnership with No Child Left Inside and two years as a YouthMappers chapter ------ El equipo de Hudson Valley Mappers reflexiona sobre la colaboración de mapeo comunitario con No Child Left Inside y los dos años como un capítulo de YouthMappers This spring marked the culmination of Vassar College’s Hudson Valley Mappers’ second year as a YouthMappers chapter. In this blog post, Adele Birkenes, president and co-founder of the chapter, and Danielle Salisbury, Environment and Energy Resource Educator with Cornell Cooperative Extension Dutchess County, share reflections on the chapter’s year-long community mapping collaboration wi

Diary of a Regional Ambassador: Travel and Work Flow

While Ghana could boast of 6 YouthMappers chapters, which are mainly concentrated along the south of the country, the opportunity to serve as the regional ambassador presented an avenue to balance the distribution of chapters and also extend the footprint of YouthMappers across Ghana. This responsibility did not come easy since the concept of voluntary services was not attractive to many students and students usually shy from such conversations. While navigating this challenge, the surest way I saw of changing the redistribution of chapters was to primarily fall on campuses or student groups that had a geographical inclination, as well as, rely on the existing OpenStreetMap community in Ghan

Silent Disasters

The past few months have been very trying for many individuals and countries at large, with the COVID-19 pandemic composing a big part of the conversations we have today. Various measures have been put in place to enforce control despite the multitude of uncertainties and controversies that surround it. At the center of it is the disruption it has had on our way of life and social interactions, with the general consensus about this situation being the urge for our nations to achieve a sense of the normalcy that we had before and the routines we once considered to be mundane. [endif]--A lot of attention and generous funds have been channeled to the COVID-19 response with good reason - loss of

3 Years, 3 Stories, 3 Lessons Learnt

The dawn of a new beginning - Something new, Axwell Ingrosso (Yes it’s a song :)) “Dear Laura, thank you for signing up for news and updates from YouthMappers! We look forward to sharing information with you. But first, let's be clear: it is NOT true what they say. Young people are, in fact, not the leaders of tomorrow. We believe they are leaders TODAY. Our vision is to cultivate a generation of young people to develop this leadership ability and create resilient communities around the world. We work to empower youth to define and change their world by mapping it. ” I was sold! Everything I was interested in was mentioned in those few lines: Youth empowerment and leadership, communities a

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