The world is a connected place. We live in proximity to one another not only through physical means but also through cyberspace. With a simple internet connection, we as human beings are ever more present and felt from the far reaches of our homes connecting with those who live a world away. No long...

You have a great research idea. You know the location and the type of data you need. But where can you get the data sets from? Openstreetmap [OSM] can be a great source for many projects because it offers vast, detailed data sets from all over the world.

There are two ways to access and download OSM...

Hi! My name is David Zaro and I am currently a rising sophomore at George Washington University studying International Affairs and Geography. Before my YouthMappers Virtual Internship this summer, I had little knowledge of open source mapping and its practical applications, having just been introduc...

“Girls in safehouses, we stay with them until the end of the seasonal cutting. At the end of the season, we visit their families in order to reconcile and improve the social welfare of the community. We consult with them to let them know that FGM is illegal in our country, but yet they continue on....

This blog was written by Faustina Lina Yebooah, Anthony Acquah and Daniel Osei, students from the University of Cape Coast chapter of YouthMappers. The Soy Innovation Lab (SIL) has collaborated with YouthMappers on a student project to generate geographical information systems (GIS) data on the spa...

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June 11, 2020

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