YouthMappersDhakaCollege chapter is a team that always engages in various projects, research and innovation. We work successfully in the OpenStreetMap Bangladesh community and always share knowledge and collaboration with all the other chapters. 

To continue our chapter activities smoothly,...

Many universities are implementing ways to conserve energy, reduce waste, and operate sustainably. At Central Washington University, students, staff, and faculty have been working on both top-down and grassroots approaches to sustainability that we wanted to share with the public. The result was an...

All too soon, it has been a year since I joined the University of Ghana YouthMappers (UGYM). Congratulations to me! I clearly remember that faithful day I was convinced beyond a reasonable doubt to join University of Ghana YouthMappers by Mr. Ebenezer Baidoo, the former chapter president. This occur...

“When women map, they fill the gap”. Maps are fundamental in helping us understand the who, what, and where in an humanitarian crisis response. Too often, these issues disproportionately affect women, and women are unable to map them. The accessible nature of OpenStreetMap has allowed women to bridg...

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June 11, 2020

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