• Marcela Zeballos, YouthMappers

New YouthMappers Chapter Map

Updated: Jan 4

We are very excited to reveal the new YouthMappers interactive chapter map!

Now, you can search for a YouthMappers chapter by zooming into the map and hovering your mouse over an orange point to identify a university with a YouthMappers chapter.

If you click on a point, a team photo, chapter name, location, and description will appear in the column on the right. Clicking the hyperlinked chapter name will take you directly to a chapter's website.

Alternatively, you can click on the link to access the list of chapters, located in the top, right corner of the map, to open a new page with a chart listing all founding, inaugural, and member chapters. You can sort this chart by city and country and download it as a google spreadsheet.

We hope you enjoy the new map and a big thank you to Thad Kerosky and MapBox for creating this great tool!

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