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  • Marcela Zeballos, YouthMappers

YouthMappers organize for #osmgeoweek

Throughout the month of November, YouthMappers chapters hosted events and recruited new volunteer mappers to participate in various OpenStreetMap (OSM) based projects in support of open data and open mapping to celebrate Geography Awareness Week. In total, over 40 chapters from 16 countries mapped over 1.8 million edits with the highest activity recorded between November 10-18th. Our top contributors are YouthMappers from Uganda, Guinea, Ghana, Kenya, Benin, Togo, and Costa Rica! This total number of edits does not include all #osmgeoweek activities because some chapters faced campus activity restrictions during end of semester exams and alternatively planned events for the last week of November and early weeks of December.

YouthMappers organized a wide range of activities, some even created a week-long agenda of on and off campus activities, including OSM workshops, field mapping trainings, map-offs, mapathons in collaboration with other universities or organizations, or they contributed to larger mapping tasks on the HOT Task Manager. Here in Washington, D.C., the George Washington University's Humanitarian Mapping Society, a YouthMappers inaugural chapter, participated in a large-scale mapathon hosted by the National Geographic Society. Representatives from the American Red Cross, The George Washington University's Geography Department, the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, Map Give, Missing Maps, and YouthMappers were in attendance.

Photo credit: GWU Geography Department

Tell us about your #osmgeoweek activities! In order to contribute a guest blog post on how your chapter celebrated #osmgeoweek, please e-mail a draft to and include photos and a short biographical blurb so that readers can learn more about you, the author!

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