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  • Ingrid Martha Kintu, Makerere University

Update from the field - Kyaka II Refugee Settlement Reconnaissance Trip

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

2018 YouthMappers Research Fellow, Ingrid Martha Kintu, along with her mentor Anthony Gidudu from Makerere University, Uganda was selected among 80 applicants to take part in the Research Fellowship Workshop held at the George Washington University and West Virginia University in June 2018. There, Ingrid was able to further her research on “Mapping For Community Resilience: A Case Study of Kyaka II Refugee Camp” through a series of lectures designed to strengthen her skills in using a variety of open source tools and platforms. The project's objective is to assess the adequacy of the education, health, water and sanitation facilities in Kyaka II refugee settlement. This will be accomplished by filling in gaps with regard to education, health, water and sanitation facilities, updating current data on OSM, and determining the adequacy of the facilities to the refugees.

Ingrid Martha Kintu is a graduate of Bsc. Land Surveying and Geomatics under the School of Built Environment at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda. She had the opportunity to be trained in the use of OSM tools and since then, she has used these skills to train others in the GeoYouthMappers chapter at Makerere University. She is very passionate about creating open data and organizing any activity that involves mapping for humanitarian causes. Ingrid is also a YouthMapper fellow looking to map for community resilience within Kyaka II refugee settlement in Kyegegwa district, Uganda. She is determined to continue educating others about GIS applications and working with the mapping community.

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