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  • Geoffrey Kateregga, Humanitarian OpenStreetMapTeam

SETCO YouthMappers train for Women's Connect Challenge Tanzania

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

On January 13th, 2019, through the Women Connect Challenge project in Serengeti Tanzania, we conducted a one day OpenStreetMap introductory training at Serengeti Tourism College, located in Mugumu, Mara Region Tanzania.

The tourism school is the only institution of higher learning in Mugumu town, the administrative seat of Serengeti District. The purpose of the training was to develop capacity of the students in the use of OpenStreetMap and also initiate the creation of a YouthMappers chapter whose members could also contribute to the Women Connect Challenge project through Crowd2map Tanzania.

The 3 hours training which attracted 13 students and 3 teachers including the principal of the college had the following schedule.

  • Arrival and Registration

  • Women Connect Challenge

  • About the project

  • How the college can take part

  • Introduction to OpenStreetMap

  • Navigating the map

  • Creating accounts

  • ​Editing with ID Editor

  • Adding points, lines and areas

  • Mobile Data Collection tools

  • Mapping with Maps.Me

  • Filling ODK forms

  • YouthMappers Introduction

  • Who are YouthMappers

  • Steps for setting up a chapter

  • Voting of committee

  • Next steps for applying to join YouthMappers

  • Closure

Outcomes of the training and next steps: A copy of the constitution of IRDP YouthMappers was shared with new leadership committee to use as a template to create their own.

A leadership committee was voted by the students themselves to steer the chapter forward, first through the application process.

These positions were the president, vice president, social media coordinator, training coordinator, treasurer, secretary and patron. To ensure gender balance, 3 out of the 6 leaders are women.

A checklist of items to put in place before filling the YouthMappers chapter application form was shared, these included

  • Drafting the chapter constitution

  • Setting up social media platforms: Twitter, WhatsApp, Facebook

  • Designing a logo for the chapter

A list of materials was shared with students so they can continue learning and exploring more about OpenStreetMap. These included the LearnOSM website and links to videos.

As a follow up training, the SETCO YouthMappers will participate in an online webinar in the coming weeks. The YouthMappers Steering Committee reviewed and approved SETCO YouthMappers' application to join YouthMappers.

Geoffrey Kateregga has been working with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMapTeam (HOT) since March 2015 as the Lead Mapping Supervisor in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania engaged in Community Mapping for Flood Resilience. Currently he is working on Mapping Financial Inclusion in Uganda. Prior to that he worked with Mapping Day building a network of enthusiastic mappers in Uganda. Follow Geoffrey's work with #WomensConnect with HOT.

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