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  • Emily Glaeser, Texas Tech University

YouthMappers – Seize the Opportunities

YouthMappers members aren’t just people who want to map…this organization is there for great celebrations and world issues and because of that we have a strong bond. YouthMappers is built on young leaders who don’t just want to see change, they want to be the change! Members have a real impact in the world, and it is so inspiration to be a part of.

My name is Emily Glaeser. I have been part of YouthMappers since the very beginning, but I very excited to now be a Research Assistant at Texas Tech University. I am currently a Geography master’s student with a focus in Deaf accommodations.

I’m focusing on this because for the past five years I have been learning and studying American Sign Language, as well as, Deaf culture. I love and advocate for the Deaf community any way that I can, my thesis is just one of the ways I hope I can support them. My thesis is focused on patient-provider satisfaction of medical Deaf accommodations. Some of the accommodations I’m looking at is the use of: In-person licensed interpreters, Video Relay Service/Interpreting (VRS/VRI), note passing, communication cards, and more.

I have seen this organization grow and adapt for years now, and I can’t wait to see to everything it still has to offer. I have worked on local and international issues. I have grown my own chapter and seen new ones join. All together YouthMappers has changed my life for the better. My hope for the organization is that the members (past, current, and upcoming) keep up with their local and worldwide connection. YouthMappers is such a unique way to create an amazing network of passionate, driven, and creative leaders. I love seeing how people in this organization want and can change in the world. With everything that YouthMappers is, I’m truly honored to be a part of it.

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