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  • Elodie Nix - YouthMappers Technical Projects Manager

Meet Our Technical Projects Manager!

Hi everyone!

My name is Elodie Nix, and I am excited to be joining YouthMappers as Technical Projects Manager. I will also be working with the American Geographical Society as Manager of Sponsored Events where I will execute activities in line with the AGS Geography Educator Initiative. AGS and YouthMappers have worked together for several years, engaging in collaborative work that advances their shared goal of increasing a new generation’s participation in mapping.

I recently graduated from The George Washington University with a bachelor's degree in Geography and minors in GIS and Sustainability. Once I declared my major in 2021, I joined my university’s YouthMappers chapter, the GWU Humanitarian Mapping Society (HMS_GW Twitter and HMS_GWU Instagram). During my final year of undergrad, I served as my chapter’s Training Coordinator where I trained new and existing mappers in OSM best practices, hosted JOSM trainings, and led a local field-data training and collection project. Additionally, I worked with the Validation Hub for a year where I supported YouthMappers projects, led JOSM and Validation training, and attended the YouthMappers Leadership Summit in Jamaica as a Navigator.

I have been both inspired and impressed by the dedication and passion of fellow YouthMappers whom I have had the honor of meeting and working alongside. From community-led projects aimed to respond to natural disasters or increase electrification, YouthMappers have continuously proven the value of placing ourselves on the map and leveraging such data to create positive change. I am excited to begin working with YouthMappers in a different role where I can continue to support the network at large, the students, and their projects.

I’d love to connect with you all further: LinkedIn and Website

About The American Geographical Society: The American Geographical Society (AGS) is a 21st-century learning society dedicated to the advancement of geographic thinking, knowledge, and understanding across business, government, academia, social sectors, and most importantly with teachers and students. Established in 1851, AGS is the oldest professional geographical organization in the United States. It is recognized worldwide as a pioneer in geographical research and education for over 170 years. The mission of AGS is to advance and promote geography in business, government, science, and education. Our goal is to enhance the nation’s geographic literacy so as to engender sound public policy, national security, and human well-being worldwide. AGS seeks to engage the American public, from its youngest to its oldest citizens, with new and amazing ways to understand and characterize our changing world. The Society maintains its headquarters in New York City.

About YouthMappers: YouthMappers is an international network of 377 university-student-led campus chapters in 72 countries. The network uses public geospatial technologies to identify and directly address development challenges worldwide. YouthMappers’ organizing institutions are Texas Tech University, George Washington University, West Virginia University, and Arizona State University. The United States Agency for International Development generously supports YouthMappers through a grant from the US Global Development Lab’s GeoCenter. Everywhere She Maps activities are supported by funding from the W-GDP.


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