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Patricia Solís, Ph.D.
Director and
Principal Investigator

Nuala Cowan, Ph.D.
Co-Principal Investigator

Brent McCusker, Ph.D.
Co-Principal Investigator

Carrie Stokes
Director, USAID GeoCenter

Marcela Zeballos
Managing Director

Elodie Nix
Technical Projects Manager

Zola Manyungwa
Communications Specialist

Jennings Anderson
Data Systems Analysis & Visualizations

Richard Hinton
Validation Hub Manager

Rory Nealon
Geospatial Analyst, USAID GeoCenter

Adele Birkenes
Geospatial Analyst, USAID GeoCenter

Chad Blevins
Technical Advisor

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) generously supports YouthMappers. Founding partners are Texas Tech University, The George Washington University, and West Virginia University. Arizona State University is the lead fiscal and administrative partner, in collaboration with TTU, GWU and WVU.

Director, Principal Investigator

Patricia Solis, Ph.D., Arizona State University

Co-Principal Investigators

Nuala Cowan, Ph.D., The World Bank

Brent McCusker, Ph.D., West Virginia University, 

Managing Director

Marcela Zeballos, Texas Tech University

Technical Projects Manager

Elodie Nix, American Geographical Society

Communications Specialist

Zola Manyungwa

​Technical Advisor

Chad Blevins


Data Systems Analysis and Visualizations

Jennings Anderson

Steering Committee Members

Ryan Engstrom, Ph.D., The George Washington University

Richard Hinton, The George Washington University

Michael Mann, Ph.D., The George Washington University

Marie Price, Ph.D., The George Washington University

Jamison Conley, Ph.D., West Virginia University


Carrie Stokes, Director of the USAID GeoCenter

Michael Crino, Deputy Director and Program Officer

Rory Nealon, Senior GIS Analyst and YouthMappers Activity Manager 

Adele Birkenes, Geospatial Analyst

Graduate Assistants

Natalia Arruda, Arizona State University

Maliha Binte Mohiuddin, West Virginia University

Rhoda Nyirenda, West Virginia University

John Paine, West Virginia University


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