2019-2020 Regional Ambassadors help the network grow and thrive

YouthMappers Regional Ambassadors contribute directly to the growth of the network by recruiting highly motivated students to organize, create, and formally establish university-based YouthMappers chapters around the world. They provide local support to chapters through in-person, technical training to ensure data quality in OSM data creation. As regional facilitators, they carry the unique opportunity and responsibility to elevate students' voices and contributions to open mapping for enhancing community resilience.

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Ataur Rahman Shaheen - Bangladesh
Ataur Rahman Shaheen is coming from Statistics background of Dhaka College and was awarded the 2019 YouthMappers Leadership Fellowship. He is a core contributor & trainer of the local OpenStreetMap (OSM) community and President of Dhaka College YouthMappers Chapter. He is a core member of BHOOT (Bangladesh Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team) which is an operational wing of OpenStreetMap Bangladesh Foundation, involved in local capacity building and supporting mapping initiatives. He has been involved with OSM & Geospatial platforms for more than 3 years. In his journey with OSM he has contributed to several local and international mapping projects and has developed expertise in remote sensing, field data collection, team coordination, data level QC & data management. In 2017, he was ranked as the top Mapper in the HOT World Malaria Day Mapping Competition and is currently ranked 15 in the Missing Maps global leaderboard. He loves to travel to new places and taste the local food. Follow Ataur @A_R_Shaheen

Maliha Binte Mohiuddin - Bangladesh

Maliha Binte Mohiuddin is working as a Regional Ambassador from Asia Region. She has engaged with YouthMappers as a leadership fellow from 2017. She is doing her Master’s thesis on “Disaster Risk Perception and Preparedness of the Residents in the Chattogram City of Bangladesh”. She has completed her Bachelor’s on Disaster Management, University of Dhaka. She has facilitated YouthMappers on the SOTM Asia in 2017. She has won 2 times “Best Blog Awards” from the YouthMappers network in 2017 &2018. In 2018, she has represented YouthMappers in the National NGO Programme on Humanitarian Leadership (NNPHL) and Building Better Response (BBR) workshop organized by Concern Worldwide, Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, and International Medical Corps. In 2019, her blog was published on “Charting the future of Humanitarian Action” on the Concern Worldwide Website.  She is interested in empowering women as the best human resources through capacity building and combining the divergent areas of disaster management with the humanitarian mapping aspect. Follow her @MohiuddinMaliha

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Natalia da Silveira Arruda - Brazil/Colombia

Natalia da Silveira Arruda is from Porto Alegre/ Brazil, and lives in Medellin/ Colombia since 2014. Graduated in Architecture and Urbanism at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS - Porto Alegre / Brazil), with practical experiences in architectural and urban planning offices, an academic exchange at the École Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture Paris La Villette (ENSAPLV - Paris / France), and a Master of Science in Territorial, Urban, Environmental and Landscape Planning at Politecnico di Torino (Turin / Italy). Natalia got involved with HOT in 2014, when she started to develop and coordinate a mapping pilot project of an informal community in the city of Cartagena de Indias. She works as Professor at Universidad de Antioquia (UdeA), where she helped found, in 2016, the UdeA YouthMappers’ chapter, which since then coordinates, that evolved into a research group called GeoLab. Her interests include urban planning, sustainable mobility, collaborative and humanitarian mapping. Follow Natalia @NataliaSArruda

Maria Fernanda Peña Valencia - Colombia
Maria Fernanda recently graduated as a biologist at the University of Antioquia in Medellín - Colombia. In 2015, she joined the ELICE research group in her university's biology institute, where she started working with ecology of coastal marine ecosystems and GIS applied to biology. While working in the research group she stressed the importance of working together with the different communities that inhabit a natural area, and this is how in 2017 she started volunteering for the YouthMappers chapter of the University of Antioquia called GeoLab UdeA. Then, in 2018 she was selected as one of the 2018 YouthMappers Research Fellows. Her interests include social-ecological systems, resilience, ecosystemic and conservation ecology, sustainability and humanitarian mapping. Follow Maria @MariaFernandaP4

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Kwame Odame - Ghana
Hello! My name is Kwame Odame and I am with the UCC YouthMappers in Ghana. Apart from being a Ph.D. student in Geography and Regional Planning, I also work with the National Disaster Management Organization. The opportunity to deploy simple tools in my pursuit to make a difference is a responsibility I have embraced. In addition to improving visibility of the unmapped, this community has offered me the platform to engage local leaders in solving some challenges confronting local farmers and agro-processors in Ghana. I am excited to be a YouthMapper and can’t wait to extend our footprint to other parts of Ghana. Let's connect and see how we can collectively harness the power of the youth and technology. My handle on Twitter and OSM ID is @pkodame. Let's talk!

Bruce Maldy Pratama - Indonesia
Bruce Maldy Pratama is a map activist. He completed his bachelor of science in the Faculty of Geography, Muhammadiyah University, Surakarta. He is also the head of the SpaceTime Team who won the Uni Battle Mapping competition organized by HOT Indonesia. Bruce also founded the Youthmappers Chapter at his University. Currently, he works at the Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency. He has been involved with OSM from 2017 to the present. In his journey, Bruce learned a lot about participatory mapping and spatial data quality assurance and its use in various fields. Making maps has been a hobby of him since childhood. He believes that maps can help us to overcome various problems. So he wants to invite all people to be more active in building spatial data together and for the common good.

Laura Mugeha - Kenya
Laura is a student pursuing Geomatic Engineering and Geospatial Information Systems in Kenya and one of the 2019 YouthMappers leadership fellows. She is passionate about achieving sustainable development both locally and globally and is keen on redefining the use of technology to solve challenges faced on a day to day basis. Laura has previously presented on the use of Geospatial technologies in achieving sustainable development at SoTM Tanzania(2017), Global SoTM 2018, FOSS4G 2018, and Geoweek 2018. With an interest in leadership and elevating youth voices, Laura has worked and volunteered with YouthMappers and the African Union’s Office of the Youth envoy where she has been able to support work that is mainly focused on these topics. She is also passionate about diversity and inclusivity of all especially women and youth and has previously organized for LetGirlsMap campaigns to address these challenges. Through this work, her blog was one of the 2018 Best YouthMappers blogs. Annually, she helps in organizing the African Women In Tech and Women in Analytics conferences that are aimed at connecting, empowering and educating women in STEM. Believing that the influence of social media cannot be underrated, Laura is enthusiastic about it and tapping its effect towards not only communicating but also utilizing it to get useful data and insights. Follow Laura @laura_mugeha

Karen Martinez - Panama
Karen is in her final year at the University of Panama pursuing a degree in Alternative Tourism. She started as a YouthMappers volunteer in 2016, where she learned about the use of geospatial technologies, awakening her interest in maps. She is the president of the YouthMappers Panama chapter and was selected for the 2019 YouthMappers Leadership Fellowship. She was part of the digital transformation of the University of Panama with the Smart University project. Through this project, she gained experience with new technologies and methods that she hopes to share with young people in Panama with the goal of generating culture and knowledge so that everyone, collectively, can help the world, through the use of maps to better decisions and protect our communities. She is very grateful for the contribution that YouthMappers has made in her life because it has allowed her to grow personally and professionally. Follow Karen @karenmartinez_m

Saurav Gautam - Nepal
Saurav is currently working as Deputy Head of the Department of Civil and Geomatics Engineering at the Institute of Engineering, Pashchimanchal Campus in Pokhara, Nepal. In 2017, he completed his Bachelor's Degree in Geomatics Engineering and, as a student, served as President of GESAN, one of the inaugural YouthMappers chapters. That same year, he was one of the YouthMappers Leadership Fellows and facilitated YouthMappers at SOTM Asia 2017. In 2018, he received the YouthMappers Best Alumni blog award. He is currently a member of FIG Young Surveyors Network and ISPRS Student Consortium. He likes to leverage open geospatial technologies for sustainability. As a YouthMappers Regional Ambassador, he is determined to increase the awareness of youths in his region towards open mapping tools and technologies. He believes youths throughout the world need to act together mindfully and sees Youthmappers progressively acting on that path. Follow Saurav @zillionaaire

Dennis Irorere - Nigeria

Dennis is a final year student at the Federal University of Technology Akure, with a major in Meteorology. He has a passion for open data, open mapping, and technology with a specific focus on building sustainable architecture for interoperability and efficient data use toward building solutions to problems across sectors - Human, Social and Environmental. He believes that when access to knowledge is democratized, we see meaningful social development because it takes a brilliant mind from a disadvantaged background to create transformational solutions that solve problems within their community. This is why he believes so much in the YouthMappers slogan “We don’t just make maps, we build mappers” and the opportunities YouthMappers is providing Youths across the world. Follow Dennis @Denironyx

Yusuf Suleiman - Nigeria

Yusuf is a human-centered designer and Geo enthusiast who is very passionate about the environment, climate change, and public policy. He was a YouthMappers Leadership Fellow and he has gained extensive experience in research and data analysis. He has lead several advocacy campaigns that leverages on open data and technology to raise awareness about environmental and sustainability issues. There’s a huge difference between people talking about change, transition and sustainability and people doing it. Yusuf fits the last description. What describes him best is an innovative catalyst in each part of the process. He lives and breathes sustainability, instead of talking about it. And he’ll make it happen, whatever is required. Currently a UN Sustainable Development Solution network fellow, Yusuf is helping to localize the SDG 9a agenda in his city. His project is helping to rethink data as infrastructure, and bringing key stakeholders into the open data revolution; building and embedding a data culture in his city, and empowering citizens to make a difference. Tweet at him @el_useful

Ingrid Kintu - Uganda
Ingrid Martha Kintu is a YouthMapper from Makerere University in Uganda and currently a YouthMappers Regional Ambassador aiming at recruiting students to establish new university-based YouthMappers chapters in Eastern Africa. Her professional background is in land management and geomatics with specific interest in remote sensing and leveraging earth observation to inform sustainable development. She was honored to receive a YouthMappers research fellowship in 2018, during which she assessed the resilience of refugees in Kyaka II Refugee Settlement using open data. She is currently a Research Assistant on a joint project between Makerere University and the University of Dundee using geospatial technologies to quantify the extent of environmental degradation in two refugee settlements in Uganda. An industry thought leader and technological evangelist, Ingrid intends to create awareness about the power of open geospatial technology and the myriad of obstacles it can overcome especially in low and middle-income countries. Follow Ingrid @IngridKintu

Read Ingrid's blog post Community Flood Mapping Activity in Bwaise and Kalerwe, Uganda

Stellamaris Nakacwa - Uganda

Stellamaris (W) Nakacwa is geomatics graduate, and a 2017 YouthMappers Leadership Fellow. She is extremely enthusiastic about geospatial technology and how it can be used to benefit development. She has aligned herself to understanding the integrity and quality requirements towards proper data management. She has expedited growth and inclusion of fellow youths into open and humanitarian mapping through her team leading roles and is continuously supporting this cause. Currently, she is a Regional Ambassador which is extremely exciting to grow as well as link people to the geospatial resource. On the side, Stella does hold a deep interest in the fundamental aspects of spatial data and database management as well as leadership to engage in the mobilization for community participation. She is determined to bring to the exploitation of geospatial technology apt for land management because land is at the center of any country’s development especially in Africa. Follow Stella @Stella_Wava

Chomba Chishala - Zambia
Chomba Chishala is currently an undergraduate student at The University of Zambia. He is a former President for YouthMappers University of Zambia Chapter (YMUNZA), former chairperson for an Environmental Network called Umodzi at the University of Zambia. He is a YouthMapper Research fellow. Chomba Chishala is a purposeful and goal-driven, empathetic, creative, hardworking and honest person with great social skills and communication skills. His dream is to lead people; more especially the Youths who have power and energy to change the world. At the moment he is a YouthMappers Regional Ambassador. He desires to see more youths to take a keen interest in what is happening in their community and voice out their opinions through mapping.  Follow Chomba @chombacc

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