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Who We Are

We are a global community of students, researchers, educators, and scholars that use public geospatial technologies to highlight and directly address development and environmental challenges worldwide.


Our Vision

YouthMappers was envisioned to fulfill the demand for open geospatial data access in all parts of our world. This consortium, made up of nearly 400 chapters, supports university efforts to offer meaningful global learning experiences, build a socially engaged citizenry, enhance long-term scientific capacity around the world, and foster youth leadership. A generation of empowered young people has emerged, who have become leaders in creating resilient communities and have defined their world by mapping it.  

Our Core Focus

While many minds together created the foundation of YouthMappers, the heart of the students is what leads to the success of this global consortium. We are a movement, a movement of students wanting to leave a mark- with the courage to be change agents and resolve in our response to community needs. The collaboration of faculty, staff, and partner organizations has bolstered an experiential learning environment that leads to action. Students decide how and where they put themselves on the map. 

We don't just build maps. We build mappers. 

YouthMappers is a global movement of university students using public geospatial tools and data to build community resilience while addressing development challenges.


In this short documentary, meet the student leaders effecting change in their communities across the globe and follow the work of a student-led project in Sierra Leone supporting rural electrification for expanded electricity access. You'll hear the voices of YouthMappers members who have not only enhanced their mapping skills through YouthMappers but have grown as global citizens.

The Power of YouthMappers: Shining a Light on the Movement

YouthMappers is an international network of university-student-led chapters. We organize, collaborate, and implement mapping activities that respond to actual development needs around the globe – creating and using spatial data and information that is made publicly available through open platforms. We share experiences and results while learning, leading, and making a difference in the world. YouthMappers is committed to cultivating a generation of young leaders who will create resilient communities and define their world by mapping it. Created and adopted by YouthMappers leaders, we commit to the following Statement of Ethics.

Explore our guiding principles by clicking the icons on the graphic. 

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