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  • Brazil Singh | Leadership Fellow | Eastern University Bangladesh

My Epic YouthMappers Academy Journey

Hey everyone! I'm about to take you on a wild ride through my epic adventure with the YouthMappers Academy! I didn't just conquer one, but two entire tracks of this incredible program, and let me tell you, it's been an eye-opening, skill-building, and overall awesome experience.

Mastering the Basics (Track 1: The Introductory Series):

My journey began with the "Introductory Series" of the YouthMappers Academy. This series served as the launchpad, equipping me with the essential knowledge to navigate the world of OpenStreetMap (OSM), the collaborative mapping platform that puts the power in everyone's hands.

1. The OSM Ecosystem (Course:1): This lesson explained how OSM works in detail, from its contributors and data structure to its ultimate aim. I gained a comprehensive understanding of this collaborative mapping platform.

2. Mapping with iD Editor (Course:2): I transitioned from a mapping novice to a confident contributor by mastering the user-friendly iD Editor. This course equipped me with the skills to add points, lines, and polygons to the map, kick-starting my mapping journey.

3. Imagery Interpretation (Course:3): This course honed my ability to decipher aerial imagery, unlocking crucial details for accurate and informative mapping. I learned to interpret visual cues and translate them into valuable geospatial data.

4. The OpenStreetMap Data Model (Course:4): The complex world of OSM data became clear as I learned about the different elements and their relationships. This course provided a solid foundation for understanding the information behind the map and its organization.

5. Tasking Manager (Course:5): This platform became my key to finding real-world mapping tasks and contributing to ongoing projects. I learned to navigate the Tasking Manager, allowing me to put my newly acquired skills into action and support real-world mapping efforts.

6. Chapter Management (Course:6): For those passionate about fostering collaboration, this course provided the tools and knowledge to effectively manage a YouthMappers chapter. I learned strategies for building a strong local community and engaging others in the world of OSM.

Leveling Up with Advanced Skills (Track 2: Advanced Mapping with YouthMappers):

Hungry for more, I eagerly enrolled in Track 2: Advanced Mapping with YouthMappers. This comprehensive program, packed with six intensive courses, propelled me towards becoming a proficient, responsible, and impactful mapper.

Let's delve into the courses that refined my skills and broadened my perspective:

1. Introduction to Mapping with JOSM (Course 7): I transitioned from the user-friendly interface of iD Editor to the powerful JOSM (Java OpenStreetMap editor). This course equipped me with the fundamentals of JOSM, empowering me to leverage its advanced editing capabilities.

2. Advanced JOSM (Course 8): Having mastered the basics, I dived deeper into the functionalities of JOSM. This course honed my data management skills, refined my editing techniques, and instilled best practices for maintaining data quality, both individually and for collaborative projects.

3. Data Management in OSM (Course 9): This course broadened my horizons by focusing on data management within the vast OSM ecosystem. I learned about version control, conflict resolution, and effective data organization, becoming a more responsible contributor to the accuracy and consistency of open geospatial data.

4. Gender Perspectives (Course 10): Taking a crucial step beyond technical skills, this course highlighted the importance of gender inclusivity in mapping. It opened my eyes to potential biases present in data collection and representation, empowering me to contribute to a more equitable and diverse mapping world.

5. Planning a Field Project (Course 11): This course transformed me into a field mapping strategist. I learned about project design, stakeholder engagement, logistical considerations, and data collection methodologies, preparing me to contribute to real-world mapping initiatives with confidence.

6. Field Survey Development (Course 12): Building upon the foundation laid in Course 11, this course focused on designing and developing effective field surveys. I learned about questionnaire design, data collection techniques, and ensuring data quality in the field, solidifying my ability to conduct responsible and impactful field mapping projects.

Beyond the Certificates:

The YouthMappers Academy has been much more than just a program; it's been a transformative journey. I've gained the knowledge, skills, and confidence to actively contribute to the world of open geospatial data in various ways:

  • Advanced Mapping in Action: I'm eager to put my newfound expertise in JOSM and data management to the test, contributing to real-world projects and collaborating with other mappers.

  • Championing Inclusivity: Inspired by the "Gender Perspectives" course, I'm committed to promoting and contributing to inclusive mapping practices, ensuring everyone has a voice in representing the world around them.

  • Field Mapping Ready: With the knowledge gained from planning and field survey development courses, I'm ready to actively participate in field projects, gathering accurate and valuable data on

About the Author:

I'm Brazil Singh, a 3rd Year CSE student, currently serving as President of Youthmappers at Eastern University, Bangladesh. I am also the Open Mapping Guru of Asia Pacific Region.

In our journey of connectivity, every voice matters. Embracing diversity, we find strength in our differences, enriching our initiatives with unique perspectives. Together, as we map bridges and shape a collaborative future, we build a world where every contribution shines brightly.


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Brazil Singh Rittik
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