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The Power of YouthMappers: Shining a Light on the Movement

YouthMappers is a global movement of university students using public geospatial tools and data to build community resilience while addressing development challenges. In this short documentary, meet the student leaders effecting change in their communities across the globe and follow the work of a student-led project in Sierra Leone supporting rural electrification for expanded electricity access. You'll hear the voices of YouthMappers members who have not only enhanced their mapping skills through YouthMappers but have grown as global citizens.


MAPPING POWER - Mini-grids provide reliable power to towns far from the national grid. The YouthMappers network
and researchers at Arizona State University have teamed up to map buildings and roads to support the design of power distribution networks. This data will be used for electrification planning by municipalities and energy sector stakeholders. Utilize this linked ‘how-to-guide’ to understand the tools
used and process in the pilot program in Sierra Leone.

Difficulty: Beginner 

Hashtags: #YouthMappers #ASULEAPS #LetGirlsMap
#RapID #HOTmicrogrant2020

MAPPING SCHOOLS - YouthMappers are supporting Giga, a UNICEF - ITU initiative to connect every school to the Internet by mapping schools in Sudan on MapRoulette. MapRoulette is a micro-task platform for OpenStreetMap. With help from its partners, Giga has now mapped the location of over 1 million schools and has connectivity data for nearly one third of these. Giga uses machine learning to scan satellite images, identify schools and map those and their connectivity levels, creating a real-time display of access and need. Through this collaboration, the school locations in Sudan detected using ML will be validated and augmented based on the ground knowledge and experience. 



Additional resources: Learn more about identifying school patterns and tagging schools on OSM.


Difficulty: All skill levels


MAPPING MOBILE HOMES - Join YouthMappers using MapSwipe to support heat resilience among mobile home residents. By contributing to the MapSwipe mission "Mapping mobile homes - Arizona, USA (1) ASU" you'll be supporting #heat resilience. Learn more about the project and collaboration with #YouthMappers, Knowledge Exchange For Resilience at Arizona State University, American Red Cross, and Missing Maps at


Start mapping today by downloading the MapSwipe app on your mobile device.

Difficulty: All skill levels


MAPPING UNDERMAPPED SETTLEMENTS - Contribute to MapRoulette Challenges that identify towns and villages that appear on OpenStreetMap as points, but don't have any roads in them. Get started and add roads!


Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate

Hashtag: #YouthMappers

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