MAPPING POWER - Mini-grids provide reliable power to towns far from the national grid. The YouthMappers network
and researchers at Arizona State University have teamed up to map buildings and roads to support the design of power distribution networks. This data will be used for electrification planning by municipalities and energy sector stakeholders. Utilize this linked ‘how-to-guide’ to understand the tools
used and process in the pilot program in Sierra Leone.

Difficulty: Beginner 

Hashtags: #YouthMappers #ASULEAPS #LetGirlsMap
#RapID #HOTmicrogrant2020

MAPPING UNDERMAPPED SETTLEMENTS - Contribute to MapRoulette Challenges that identify towns and villages that appear on OpenStreetMap as points, but don't have any roads in them. Get started and add roads!


Difficulty: Beginner, Intermediate

Hashtag: #YouthMappers


HEALTH -  This HOT project, launched at the 2018 State of the Map, is developed under the 2018 YouthMappers Research Fellowship (supported by YouthMappers and USAID GeoCenter) and under the PoliSocial Award Research project MASTR-SLS (led by DEIB Ecology group at Politecnico di Milano, Italy), in collaboration with the Senegalese NGO Espoir pour la Santé (Saint-Louis, Senegal) and the African Institute for Mathematical Science (AIMS, M'bour, Senegal). Mapping the villages in the Senegal River Valley will give the possibility to create risk maps for the spread of important water-related infectious diseases, such as schistosomiasis. Through high-resolution multispectral satellite imagery, the habitat of the snails will be identified, so vulnerable areas can be detected. The knowledge of the villages near rivers and access points to water is thus of fundamental importance. Additional information on the location of farmlands and agricultural waterways can be useful. Difficulty - Beginner