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  • Md. Manjurul Islam, YouthMappers Fellow

YouthMappers Leadership Workshop Builds International Communication and Friendship

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

The 2017 YouthMappers Leadership Workshop was an unforgettable event in my life. It cannot be explained in a word that this workshop boosted knowledge, experience and friendship. I have a little bit of experience to join a national level workshop, but this is my first international workshop. Here I got the opportunity to share my knowledge and experience and also gather knowledge among the youth leaders of different renowned universities of the world.

It was a week-long workshop, but it seemed that the time went by in the twinkle of an eye due to the good relationships and interactions with each other. All the YouthMappers leaders are very friendly, sharing and caring. It is very tough to meet with the youth leaders from different countries of the world. This workshop has helped to build up international communication and friendship. We are now working together to make a toolkit for YouthMappers chapters.

We are very lucky because in this week-long workshop we were in touch with world renowned university professors from Texas-Tech University, George Washington University and West Virginia University, as well as experienced USAID officials. We got the opportunity to share our idea with them. All of them are very professional, friendly, cooperative and interactive. They made the technical session very easy and developed our thinking.

We had a lot of fun but in this fun & enjoyment there also lies learning. Rafting was one of them. In rafting we had a lot of fun and adventure, but we also learned a lot. Rafting taught us how to build a perfect team, how to help each other, while exercising leadership, negotiation, and understanding between the team members. In addition, a cultural night & dinner in the City Center gave a clear picture of Nepali culture and cuisine.

I am very grateful to Dr. Solis Patricia. Her simplicity, punctuality, seriousness and overall management of the program attracted me most. I want to give a big thanks to our host Kathmandu Living Labs, the director Dr. Nama Budhathoki and the officials of KLL. They deserve appreciation for their hospitality, cordiality and management. We also realized the real condition of Nepal earthquake by the interviews of KLL officials and how the Kathmandu Living Labs contributed by using OSM.

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