Deadline to apply: 15 March 2021

Complete chapter annual report in order to be eligible to apply!

Fieldwork Program

The Steering Committee of YouthMappers is pleased to announce this 2nd periodic call for proposals for our fieldwork program. The due date for proposals is March 15, 2021. In order to be eligible for funding in 2021, chapters must complete the 2020 Chapter Annual Chapter Report Form by 31 December 2020.

The YouthMappers’ fieldwork program supports YouthMappers chapters to undertake projects related to the creation of new data and/or analysis in the chapter’s local or regional community. Example tasks might include: the remote creation of data or some other direct support for OpenStreetMap (OSM), supporting a local research project to fulfill a remotely accessible development need with a direct link to OSM or YouthMappers, or conducting specific remote data and/or analysis activities related to YouthMappers for a local or regional USAID Mission.YouthMappers does not restrict the topics that chapters can investigate, but successful proposals will make a strong case that the activity is needed and will contribute to local/regional development needs. The funding of internet access, for instance, would only be permissible in pursuit of the creation of data and/or analysis for a project, not for general chapter access. Fieldwork activities should be oriented toward some type of activity that increases data and/or analysis using remote or social-distancing techniques, rather than providing direct support for the chapter itself.

Applications are not required to deal directly with COVID-19 or its effects as a topic in the proposal, but must describe how project participants will comply with local safeguards against the disease. Travel will be scrutinized carefully and a plan to maintain social-distancing must accompany any application that proposes in-person tasks.


Proposal Format: The proposal narrative is limited to 5 pages, single spaced, typed in PDF format. The 5 page limit excludes letters of support and the budget.

Workshops to assist chapters with writing proposals will be held on:

  1. Jan 18, 2021 @ 7:00 am (UTC -5)

  2. Jan 18, 2021 @ 9:00 am (UTC -5)

  3. Jan 18, 2021 @ 12:00 pm (UTC -5)

Anyone who wishes to attend these sessions must register at:

We ask that only 1-2 members from each chapter register in order that we can meet demand for these sessions.

The following elements MUST be addressed in the 5 page proposal:

(Note: proposals may be written in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese)

  1. A clearly defined and well-justified purpose

  2. A clear statement of methods of data collection and/or data analysis

  3. A plan to address COVID-19 safety protocols

  4. A list of deliverables (concrete outcomes) from the project

  5. A communication plan that includes social media dissemination of results

  6. A timetable with start and end date,

  7. A single contact person, including their name and email address. This should be the same person sending the email with the proposal and someone who will receive the notice of decision and any other communication.

Additional Required Materials: In addition to the 5 page proposal, the following elements should be added to the PDF after the proposal narrative:

  1. A letter or email of support from the chapter faculty mentor, INCLUDING AN EXPLICIT STATEMENT THAT THE UNIVERSITY APPROVES SUCH ACTIVITIES. Any support emails without this statement will be returned for clarification.

  2. Budget and budget justification

The final element of the proposal is a maximum 3 page budget with each expected expenses listed with an explanation of the exact cost and justification for the expense. Proposers must use the attached budget template. Access the budget template here:

Program Awards: YouthMappers expects to award between 2 - 5 awards. Applicants can apply for awards in the amounts of up to $500, $1000, or $2,500. The maximum amount awarded will be US $2,500/ chapter. Proposers need not budget $2,500 if it is not necessary and priority will be given to awards that clearly justify their funding needs. Proposals may be recommended for funding at less than the requested amount.


Chapters may only submit ONE proposal. Partnering with another chapter is permissible but would count as each chapter’s ONE proposal. Individuals may NOT submit proposals to fund their own research, even if they are a member in good standing of a chapter in good standing.

Required Reports and Deliverables: At the conclusion of the award, chapters are required to submit a 5 page report that details:

  1. The problem that was addressed and the solution that was implemented

  2. Any initial impacts that were observed as a result of the activity

  3. A list of all publications, posts on social media (URLs or tweets, etc), and any other communications that the chapter produced to support or as a result of the project


How will proposals be reviewed?

Competitive applications will demonstrate:

            - a strong need in the local/regional community for the work proposed

- a convincing and very clear description of exactly what will be done and the methods/data analysis that will used.

- a plan to maintain social-distancing and/or remote work in light of COVID-19

            - a strong mentoring commitment (where senior students mentor junior students)

            - any additional aspect of chapter sustainability activities

            - the plan for reporting on the activity

            - budget rationale and explanation


Eligibility: Only YouthMappers chapters in good standing are eligible to receive funds. Chapter standing can be determined by sending your chapter name, university name, and mentor’s name to Chapters that have not submitted annual reports are not considered to be in good standing.

Deadline: All proposal are due by 17:00 (UTC-5) on March 15, 2021. No late proposals will be accepted. Email proposals as one PDF document only to

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