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  • Patricia Solís, Director/CoFounder of YouthMappers

Where have #youthmappers changed OpenStreetMap?

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

YouthMappers have been working to edit the people's map, OpenStreetMap, in support of many development and humanitarian efforts. From remote campaigns that engage our full global network of chapters, to local efforts addressing special initiatives, when YouthMappers create new features or add attributes to OSM, we ask them to include the hashtag #youthmappers in the changeset comments. Since April of 2016, we have been tracking the monthly output of edits using this cool tool here . In all, you have mapped nearly 16 million edits in OSM !

We thought you'd love to know just where have YouthMappers been mapping around the world? Here's a list of the top 35 countries sorted by the greatest number of edits, including how many contributors we have counted.

Is your country on the list? Wanna visualize your own mapping? Use this tool to see individual contributions.



Thanks to Nwasi Menkiti, Texas Tech University Graduate Student for tracking this data.

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