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  • Joy Ifeanyi, University of Nigeria - Enugu Campus

Why should we let girls map?

In actual sense, the world has realized the danger of relegating women and the girl child, so I for one appreciate this chapter, LionMappersTeam-Enugu Campus, for the opportunity to create a platform where girls will be ready to contribute to a global mapping and humanitarian service that helps to respond to resilient communities. I was so excited seeing that girls can contribute to fighting their course though YouthMappers activities and especially, the task projects created for “Saving Mothers, Giving Life’’ shown to us during our recent training.

As a Surveyor in the making, having gained admission recently into Geoinformatics and Surveying Department, I am beginning to appreciate more the importance of geospatial data, especially, with exposure to OpenStreetMap and its uses. I would gladly volunteer my service though my chapter to contribute to this critical global geospatial database. Women are strong and should be encouraged beyond all reasonable doubt to get involved in the vision of YouthMappers at Chapter levels because to capture or reach out to men, women and girls, it is relevant that girls should not just be fully involved, but also be carried along with the vision of YouthMappers in the campuses.

I have a dream of mapping beyond the earth (if possible) and although I have little knowledge on how to make my dream work, my faith still lingers on. The YouthMappers’ LetGirlsMap inititaive is making me believe that my dreams are workable, and that is really exciting about my being part of LetGirlsMap at the LionMappersTeam-Enugu Campus chapter.

I look forward to sharing the vision of LETGIRLSMAP to my friends and other students in the campuse,while making myself available for training and being involved in the best way I can. Increasing my productivity will help me with being able to influence a great number a girls. Everyone wants to identify with someone that has something to offer and so, I also need to work hard in my academics while offering and sharing the vision of YouthMappers.

I sincerely believe that this will be a great opportunity for us at the University of Nigeria, Enugu campus, to showcase our team as the leading LETGIRLSMAP chapter in Africa and the globe at large! This is very easy to accomplish, all I have to do is encourage my teammates to engage in mapping tasks to increase the quality of their mapping edits. I would also love to organize a summit and training with my teammates in order to encourage and inspire passionate members and enlighten new aspirants.

The aim of YouthMappers is help the world by the knowledge of mapping to touch areas that are not accessible so participating will not be a problem, it will make us stronger as a team. My major challenge is my mind and timing. Yes I will need a good mentor to sustain and enlarge this passion for LetGirlsMap.

Miss Joy Ifeanyi is a LetGirlMap advocate for LionMappersTeam at the University of Nigeria - Enugu Campus. She is presently in her first year of the five in the Geoinformatics and Surveying Programme. She is a very enthusiastic about Mapping and believes that Girls are rather stronger sex gender and encouragement given them will certainly yield in multiples.

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