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  • Valerie Odeam Osuamkpe and Victor Sunday

UniqueMappersTeam Collaboration with Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd.

This guest blog originally appeared on the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team blog on 11 June 2018.

On the 23rd May 2018, the UniqueMappersTeam YouthMappers chapter at the University of Port Harcourt went on the first official visit to Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd. The event agenda consisted of presentations, an MOU negotiation between Transparent Earth and UniqueMappersTeam (UMT), speeches, and a vote of thanks.

UniqueMappersTeam receive a warm welcome from Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd

Introductory speeches were given by the coordinator of UMT, Mr. Victor N.Sunday, and Dr. C. L. Eze, the Managing Director of the company and a brief presentation was made by the Technical Manager on the geoscientific activities Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd. UMT presented on several topics including; UniqueMappersTeam’s key activities, YouthMappers as a global network, UMT’s relationship with Humanitarian Openstreetmap Team (HOT), how to map on OpenStreetMap, the LetGirlsMap branches, vulnerable communities and their needs in Nigeria, an introduction to field data collection, the essentials of mapping and common technical challenges. A drafted Memorandum of Understanding between Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd. and the UniqueMappersTeam was sent to the company before UMT’s visit. This visit was an official platform to negotiate on the content of the MOU draft to strengthen the already existing local partnership between the two parties. It was as successful meeting and there was a positive response from Transparent Earth to accept UMT members as interns, field data collection surveyors and technical assistants.

UniqueMappersTeam and the General Manager of Transparent Earth

A major feat of the day’s deliberation was the announcement of an employment opportunity for our Director of LetGirlsMap, who currently works with Transparent Earth as a graduate trainee. Further to this, the company also agreed to provide a funded award, the Annual Best Mappers Prize Award, to the best mapper from UniqueMappersTeam. Under the MoU, Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd will continue to build relationships with the UniqueMappersTeam as local partners for mutual benefits. The Managing Director, Dr. C.L.Eze proudly declared himself as a UniqueMapper and requested members of his staff to join this action to promote the use of humanitarian mapping using OpenStreetMap.

Staff of Transparent Earth Nigeria ltd and UniqueMappersTeam

To wrap up the event, a representative of Transparent Earth gave a farewell speech while Miss Ifeoma, the Director finance of UMT gave a speech focusing on the ‘Let Girls Map’ wing of UMT and its impact on female participation. Mr. Victor Sunday, the coordinator of the team, gave the vote of thanks.

LetGirlsMap and the General Manager, Transparent Earth Nigeria Ltd

This event was a very educational, fun and exciting moment for both parties. UMT looks forward to greater collaborations with Transparent Earth to facilitate effective humanitarian mapping in Nigeria and beyond, especially as UMT commences its HOT Microgrant project supporting communities vulnerable to flooding and oils spill disasters in Rivers State,Nigeria.

UniqueMappersTeam Leaders celebrates on arrival to University of Port Harcourt; UniqueMappersTeam discharges Hired bus on Arrival from a trip to Transparent Earth Nig.Ltd

Valerie Odeam Osuamkpe is currently the Acting Team Secretary General of UnqUeMappersTeam(UMT)Port Harcourt and a 2nd year student of Geography and Environmental Management at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Victor Sunday is the founder/team coordinator (mentor) of UnqueMappersTeam(UMT)Port Harcourt and a staff of Geography and Environmental at the University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

This guest blog originally appeared on the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team blog on 11 June 2018.

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