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  • Erneste Ntakobangize, University of Rwanda

The process of making Rwanda YouthMappers more gender inclusive

Rwanda was second in the world according to the 2009 Social Watch Gender Equity Index, with only Sweden having a higher score. Gender equality is enshrined in the constitution and Rwanda was the first country in the world to have more than 50% female members of Parliament. As Rwandans we have decided to support our country to keep this ahead. In the process of making YouthMappers a more gender inclusive community, especially engaging females in Mapping, RwandaYouthMappers has set up an initiative called LetHelpMYsister2Map where by this campaign each guy in the chapter has to invite at least one lady to participate in chapter activities and mentor her in mapping activities.

We have set up the small competition gathering for females members of the chapter. This is planned to take place at first Friday of each month except during holiday. We will be providing small awards that will increase depending on available funds. The first competition took place on Friday 3rd May, we have awarded based on who mapped more and probably we will have other criteria to base on in coming months just rotating to motivating them to engage in Mapping, on fist trial we have awarded two ladies at the end of Friday’s Mappathon. The first winner was awarded 10GB and MTN sim card of 4G connectivity of internet while the second one was awarded 5BG and MTN sim card of 4G connectivity.

The picture of two winners Mahoro Craire (left) and Umulisa Alice (right)

Mahoro Craire the first winner said <Thank you all the contestants and all RwandaYouthMappers family, you have been my family sense I joined, I used to be alone during my free time but today you have my brother and sisters, I am glad to see you around in my life working with YouthMappers has changed my feelings, I will keep working to develop our network, this award will help me to keep mapping and helping my fellow sisters to develop their capacities>

Umulisa Alice who was awarded the second place said< thank you all for making this happen it is an honor to be one of the first winners of this competition, the future generation will be learning from us on what we are doing today, I joined the community thinking that I am just joking but finally I have seen that the our chapter is making positive impact on community, I am happy to be with you I will keep giving my commitment to this community and mapping will be priority, I wish to keep winning this award, hope this will sustain even beyond here. This internet will help me to grow my knowledge and skills let our chapter keep growing, Thank you>

Erneste Ntakobangize who is currently representing the LetHelpMYsister2Map campaign said < it is a great honor to work with you all, you have been showing your commitments for long, I am glad to represent you because no one from you had ever been accused from any kind of indiscipline, this shows that mapping is not only science but also life experience, lets support each other to grow our community, RwandaYouthMappers is a family and it will be forever, we will leave none behind, our chapter is open for mapping but also for problem solving, let our work be the light lightening for the university, currently the other students are learning from you. That is the reason why you always see new comers joining the chapter, dear my fellow sisters this room is open for you, I am here for you, I will always be happy to see you growing your capacity and skills let keep mapping>

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