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  • Wendy Carlota Júlio Mutisse- YouthMappers Regional Ambassador- Eduardo Mondlane University.

Discovering New Horizons: A Journey of Transformation with YouthMappers

Hello everyone, knowledge lovers and mapping enthusiasts! Join me on this exciting journey where we will explore the power of mapping, the mobile tools that make it possible, and the vital importance of shared leadership in YouthMappers chapters.

Training: Mobile Mapping 

Imagine mapping the world without the need for a computer! That's what we discovered during the first training, where we explored tools such as StreetComplete, OSMAnd, Mapillary and OSMTracker. The mission was to unlock the transformative potential of mapping via mobile devices, which is more accessible to everyone, at any time. Over the course of a month full of discoveries, we showed that everyone can be an agent of change, contributing to the global map in an accessible, fast and practical way.

The enthusiastic participation and collaboration of various chapters and the exchange of experiences were at the heart of this training. In the end, it was clear that mobile technology can be a powerful tool for empowering communities to map the world around them.

Transformative Leadership Event: Engaging the team to achieve goals

Understanding that the success of YouthMappers chapters depends directly on effective leadership, I decided to organize the "Transformative Leadership" event. This virtual meeting had the valuable participation of two inspiring women: Zaida Nkholé, vice-president of the YouthMappers_at_Huila chapter (Angola), and Thaila Maria, president of the Geodesastres chapter (Brazil), a participant in the Youth Leadership Activation class of the 2023 YouthMappers Leadership Fellows Summit, who shared the lessons they had learned, as well as their experiences as leaders and members of chapters in Angola and Brazil.

During the event, we delved into the complexities of leadership in geographically diverse contexts. Sharing experiences and discussing common challenges provided a deeper understanding of how to overcome obstacles and strengthen chapters.

Throughout this journey, I realized that the challenges faced by chapters, despite geographical boundaries, are often surprisingly similar. Collaboration and the efficient division of tasks were points highlighted by Zaida, highlighting how shared leadership can drive chapter growth, and Thaila bravely shared the challenges women face when taking on leadership roles, emphasizing that we must embrace adversity to promote equality and female representation.

I emphasized the importance of involving all members in decision-making, from choosing tools to defining projects, in order to create a strong sense of belonging, while always respecting the leadership position.

The event not only provided valuable insights but also opened up space for discussions about improvements, such as more active participation in Portuguese-speaking events. We learned that, regardless of location, we are all mappers united by a common passion.

The harmony between everyone's inclusion and assertive leadership creates a balance that propels the chapter to success. In this collaborative environment, we see ideas flourish, projects come to life and members become true agents of change.

About the author 

I'm Wendy Carlota Júlio Mutisse, a young Mozambican woman, currently serving as YouthMappers 2023-2024 Regional Ambassador and vice-president of the YouthMappers Mozambique Community chapter at Eduardo Mondlane University.

I firmly believe that each member has valuable contributions to offer, and this diversity of perspectives enriches our initiatives.

Remember, we are building bridges through mapping, connecting nations and shaping a collaborative future. 


Apr 11

I'm impressed by your writing style. Your ability to communicate complex ideas clearly is admirable. basket random


Jacob Sifuna
Jacob Sifuna
Mar 22

How can we empower Moi University geographers through mapathon and other platforms

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