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  • S M Sawan Shariar || Regional Ambassador

Mapping a Path to Empowerment: YouthMappers' Regional Validation Camps Transform Novices into Humanitarian Validators

In pursuit of our vision for 2024, I embarked on a strategic endeavor aimed at cultivating a highly skilled, knowledgeable, and dedicated team capable of effectively responding to emergency situations. This initiative was conceived with the dual purpose of supporting YouthMappers' mission and offering assistance to global communities through the utilization of OpenStreetMap technology.

Originally, the vision encompassed establishing expertise across all YouthMappers chapters in Asia and the Pacific region. However, serendipitously, Feye Andal shared a parallel vision. Recognizing the value of collaboration and the importance of avoiding duplication of efforts, we joined forces to refine our strategy. Together, we decided to initiate pilot programs in Bangladesh and the Philippines, with a future plan to integrate our processes into a cohesive hub.

To further amplify our impact, I extended our vision to other regional ambassadors, particularly those from Nepal and Sri Lanka. I encouraged them to consider implementing similar initiatives in their respective countries, offering my unwavering support and technical expertise if needed.


January marked the commencement of promotional activities for a validation camp in Bangladesh, resulting in an overwhelming response with hundreds of applications. Rigorous vetting processes culminated in the selection of 35 candidates for the primary phase of the camp.

The camp unfolded across two stages meticulously designed to impart knowledge and hone skills. The initial stage, spanning 12 weeks, encompassed a structured curriculum covering various facets of OpenStreetMap and validation techniques. Each week, participants engaged in sessions complemented by practical tasks, ensuring hands-on learning and application.

Topics ranged from foundational concepts of OSM mapping to advanced tools such as JOSM and validation utilities like OSM Inspector and Map Roulette. The curriculum culminated with a comprehensive overview of GIS applications and tools, equipping participants with a robust skill set.

First Stage: The session contains the topics are,

  • Week 01: Onboarding call, Basic OSM and mapping

  • Week 02: JOSM

  • Week 03: Validation Using JOSM

  • Week 04: Validation + OSM Cha + JOSM

  • Week 05: Validation + OSM Inspector, Keep Right and OSMose

  • Week 06: Validation + OSMAnd, EveryDoor and Vespucci

  • Week 07: Validation + Map with AI (RapID)

  • Week 08: Validation + Map Roulette and Mapillary

  • Week 09: Validation + OpenStreetCam, MapsMe and Map Swipe

  • Week 10: Validation + Organic Maps and Street Complete

  • Week 11: Validation + QGIS

  • Week 12: Offboarding Call


The outcomes of the validation camp methodology have proven to be highly fruitful. Commencing with a select cohort of mappers drawn from the YouthMappers chapters in Bangladesh, the camp witnessed participants embarking on their mapping journey with rudimentary knowledge. However, by the conclusion of the camp, their progression was unmistakable, transitioning from novice to advanced practitioners. This metamorphosis was evident in their substantial contributions to enriching the OpenStreetMap database.

In addition to honing their mapping validation skills, participants actively sought supplementary knowledge from various resources. Demonstrating commendable diligence, they diligently completed weekly assignments and submitted comprehensive progress reports. The weekly sessions were meticulously curated to cover a spectrum of pertinent topics, including advanced concepts. Participants were equipped with the skills to visualize and analyze contributed data using the QGIS desktop application.

At the culmination of the camp, the top seven performers were duly recognized and certified as validators. Those who did not attain this designation are nonetheless progressing steadily and will continue their journey towards validation. The upcoming phases of the camp will seamlessly integrate these individuals, ensuring continuity and sustained development.

The validated list of participants is as follows:

  • Asif Bin Alam Seum Advanced Mapper

  • Md Aminul Islam 25 Intermediate mapper

  • Mehedi Hasan Ovi Advanced Mapper

  • gazi saiful Intermediate mapper

  • Mrp88 Advanced Mapper

  • Mmhanif66 Advanced Mapper

  • Noman Bin Hossain Advanced Mapper

This achievement underscores the efficacy of the camp's methodology and serves as a testament to the dedication and aptitude of the participants.


These acknowledgments encapsulate the participants' appreciation for the camp's structure, learning opportunities, and community engagement, highlighting its impact on their mapping journey.

"The YM Regional Validation Hub Bangladesh Camp exceeded expectations with its organization and quality of sessions. Networking opportunities were invaluable, and the dedication of the organizing team and facilitators created a positive learning environment. It was a rewarding experience, and I commend the team for their hard work." —--- Farhana Mustarin

"The YouthMappers Regional Validation Hub Camp was a transformative 11-week journey. From basic mapping to advanced validation tasks, the program provided hands-on experience with tools like JOSM and OSMCha. Collaborating with fellow participants and mentors fostered a supportive environment and deepened my commitment to digital humanitarianism." —--- Asif Bin Alam Seum

"The YouthMappers Regional Validation Hub Bangladesh Camp offered a holistic approach to data validation, equipping participants with skills in tools like JOSM, OSMCha, and QGIS. The interactive sessions and community engagement made the camp enjoyable and fruitful. Special thanks to Sawan Shariar for his initiative and passion." —--- Mashiyat Raunaq Preetom

"I participated in the 2024 YouthMapper Validation Camp, led by Sawan Shariar. This rigorous 2.5-month program honed my mapping skills, introducing me to tools like ID Editor, JOSM, and QGIS. Contributing to the OSM Bangladesh Validators team was a highlight, igniting my passion for advanced mapping tools." —--- Gazi Saiful

The journey through the YouthMappers Regional Validation Hub Camp in Bangladesh has been nothing short of transformative. From humble beginnings to remarkable achievements, participants have journeyed from novice mappers to certified validators, equipped with a robust skill set and a deepened commitment to digital humanitarianism. With rigorous methodology, dedicated participants, and unwavering support, this initiative has not only enriched the OpenStreetMap database but has also fostered a community of empowered individuals ready to respond effectively to emergency situations worldwide. As we celebrate the success of this endeavor, we look forward to expanding its impact, forging new partnerships, and continuing to empower change-makers across the globe. Together, we can create a more resilient and interconnected world through the power of mapping and collaboration.

S M Sawan Shariar

Regional Ambassador (Global Tech Support), YouthMappers

Follow me on Twitter and LinkedIn

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Brazil Singh Rittik
Brazil Singh Rittik
25 juin

In Bangladesh Youthmappers is active because of this man. He actually brings new ideas and inspire us. And Youthmappers validation camp was next level. Really inspiring day by day and proud to get him as a Regional Ambassador.


Sawan Shariar
Sawan Shariar
24 juin

Thank you YouthMappers ❤️

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