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  • Ashmita Tamang, Tribhuvan University

My First OSM Training Experience

To begin with, being an introvert made it quite stressful to express my personality as well as my opinions. After I started my journey at the Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Lamjung Campus, communicating among strangers and voicing out my thoughts and wishes has been way easier. I always wanted to participate in extra-curricular programmes, and that’s where I found Agri-Mappers Lamjung, a YouthMappers chapter. It is an international student-led network that focuses on making quality edits on OpenStreetMap by detailing the geographic data of any location, which may include houses, roads, hotels, or any object.

There was a two-day workshop on OpenStreetMap held on our campus on April 8 and 9, 2021 facilitated by Mr. Saurav Gautam, Regional Ambassador of YouthMappers, Mr. Sanket Parajuli, President of Agri-Mappers Lamjung and members of the organization. I was quite interested in this organization because of its spirit of digital volunteerism. I am completely a beginner in OSM (OpenStreetMap) and using software like JOSM (JavaScript OSM). I found it quite interesting as it not only helps to represent the unmapped areas but also can be used in case of disaster preparedness and rescue. I feel it is a forum where everyone can be connected and share their view and new ideas through mapping. In agriculture, it does help to know the land structure, soil condition and much more detail that aid in our work and research. As it is group work, it increases the bonding among people regardless of gender, age, race and place. In these two days, I learnt the way to map and mark the unknown places starting from my campus area.

Thereby, I am quite proud of myself for participating and share my experience with everyone. It’s something that can not only help you to utilize your time but also can help you to contribute to society's upbringing. I’m looking forward to my journey in mapping the unmapped places.

Here are some glimpses of the session:

Classroom with large group of students in small groups. There appears to be a presentation happening at the front of the room.
Learning to use OSM tracker and JOSM
Over 50 women and men pose for a group photo outside. They are holding up banners with AgriMappers logos on it.
All participants with the organizing committee

About the Author:

Portrait of women wearing white and green posing on a balcony with a city behind her.

Ashmita Tamang

Second Semester, B.Sc.Ag

General member, Agri-Mappers Lamjung Chapter

Institute of Agriculture and Animal Science, Lamjung Campus

Tribhuvan Unviersity, Nepal


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