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  • Vijendran Kowsiya, Eastern University Sri Lanka

Our Achievement and Activities in the Open Mapping Community.

We started mapping in Oct 2021 when the whole world was suffering and in lockdown due to covid-19. It was a difficult situation for all of us since our University was also closed. We learned about YouthMappers through our honorable lecturer Mr. Sudhakaran Suntharalingam and continued the mapping process under his guidance. This has inspired us to contribute to OpenStreetMap (OSM). Our chapter is the first YouthMappers chapter in Sri Lanka. We have collaborated with other chapters and organizations to undertake various projects related to mapping, disaster management, and community development. These projects have helped to provide crucial information to aid disaster response efforts and community development.

Vijendran Kowsiya was selected for the She Leads and She Inspires (SLSI) Women in Leadership Program with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT). During this six-month journey, she learned how OSM may benefit the community. She believes SLSI is a fantastic platform for Female leaders in the geospatial field from all countries and backgrounds to develop their leadership skills to the next level in the tech area. Vijendran had the opportunity to speak about the program on International Women's Day. Later on, Rajendram Keerthana, Selvarasa Sinthuya, and Sajeevini Sivajothy were also selected for the program.

We had made a great impact through this YouthMappers network and many opportunities were given to our students. Over the course of 12 months, since its inception in December 2021, EUSL YouthMappers has received various awards and recognitions from different organizations and award-giving bodies. Great thanks to the very dynamic and supportive members of the chapter. Below is a list of opportunities, awards, and collaborations:

  • 2022 Women's Participation Award

  • She Leads She Inspires Top 100 Champions

  • Student Club Sponsorship Program Grantee from the Open Mapping Hub Asia Pacific

  • Keerthana, Sindhu and Sajeevini were selected as YouthMappers Leadership Fellow

  • Collaborated with UN Mappers and Ashra Basheer, Vijendran Kowshiya, and Keerthana conducted training on OpenStreetMap for the next generations

Overall, the EUSL YouthMappers chapter has been a vital contributor to the OpenStreetMap community and has helped to promote mapping, data analysis, and gender equality in the tech industry. Their achievements and contributions have not only benefited the community but also provided opportunities for young mappers to develop their skills and become leaders in the geospatial field.

They have created a platform for female leaders in the geospatial field to connect, share experiences and knowledge, and develop their leadership skills. This has been an important step towards empowering women and promoting their participation in the tech industry.



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