1.0 Introduction


The training was conducted to ensure YouthMappers at IRDP (Institute of Rural Development Planning) start to use modern technology in data collection and map design. Previously IRDP used local tools for data collection and map design, such as paper questionnaires and simple hand drawing maps. Another time IRDP YouthMappers used ODK(Open Data Kit) and QGIS to collect data and come up with a printed map. The study was conducted to prepare IRDP students to be able to use various tools during fieldwork. The training was conducted at IRDP and in the field, from 12th March to 17th March 2020.


1.1 Activity Performed

1.1.1 Preparation


Before going to do fieldwork, we had to make sure that students knew how to use ODK and how to install it in their smartphone. We introduced ODK to the students and encouraged them to install it. Also, training was provided on how to collect data from the respondents and also how to collect Geo-points using ODK.


1.1.2 Creation of ODK Form


Previously, IRDP was using questionnaires to collect data from the field. But after the introduction of the ODK tool, now IRDP uses this tool in data collection. So, questionnaires were converted from hardcopy into ODK format. Therefore, Kobo toolbox platform was used to create those forms.


1.1.3 Data Collection


We chose students who used to collect boundary coordinates and students who collected Geopoints of different institution and features. Therefore, the various coordinates of important services were collected by students using ODK.


 1.1.5 Result and Presentation


Previously IRDP used hand drawn maps in map design and paper questionnaires in data collection. But after the introduction of ODK and OpenStreetMap, now IRDP uses this modern technology to accomplish its whole process.



- Geo Points

- Village Boundaries 


1.2 Solution

  • The training was provided to IRDP students to ensure they are capable of doing data collection using ODK. 

  • We tried to create and collect boundary data using ODK Geo-trace feature. With the cooperation of village leaders, we accomplished this.







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