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  • Yusuf Suleiman, YouthMappers Leadership Fellow

ABUGeomappers Earth Day Event

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

In our bid to promote a sustainable environment and create awareness about the looming dangers of climate change, the Youthmappers chapter at Ahmadu Bello University organized the #Earthday event. The event, which spans two days (21-22 April), began at 10:00am under the supervision of the chapter’s supervisors. This year’s theme, “Environment and Climate Literacy,” sees a lot of presentation, debates, and talks from all participants present. First, we enjoyed a classic Earth Day presentation from our very own Adiboy Okoro. Several points were raised about sustaining and protecting our planet, but the major point highlighted planting of trees, “greening” our schools, and also promoting climate literacy in secondary and tertiary institutions.

The Chapter also took some action on this event of the earth day. First, we signed the climate petitions to protect the climate on the, and helped share the campaign on the social media platform. We raised our voice a bit further by tweeting about the event with the following Hashtags: #Earthday, #ClimateLiteracy, #ClimateChange. Towards the end of the event, we joined our friends remotely at George Mason University to participate in their Earth Day Mapathon. We completed our mapping task on Saturday April 22.

Many thanks again to Yolani Martins and the entire George Mason University Chapter for inviting us to join them. Mapping is fun!

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