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  • YouthMappers Staff

Celebrating International Women's Day!

Back by popular demand, we have reinstated the #LetGirlsMap campaign!

Let Girls Map is a YouthMappers campaign active from International Women’s Day, March 8, 2018 to International Day of the Girl, October 11, 2018 featuring mapping efforts that support women and girls issues and to build inclusive mapping communities for female student mappers around the world.

This year, we encourage you to map locally, map remotely, and help communities use spatial data. Put your own schools and clinics near you on OpenStreetMap by adding as many features (buildings and roads) as you can. Since they are local resources, discover important data attributes and add them to the map! You can also organize a mapathon or map on your own for the DREAMS project. This PEPFAR program aims to reduce HIV infection among adolescent girls and young women in HIV priority areas in sub-Saharan Africa, where girls and young women account for over 70 percent of new HIV infections.

The Tanzania Development Trust is organizing tasks to map and offering the opportunity to crowd-analyze the data created. The maps produced will be used to help activists to better protect girls at risk, empower local mappers to map and develop their communities, and enable villages to develop village land use plans to mitigate land disputes and better develop their resources.

Be sure to use the hashtags #YouthMappers and #LetGirlsMap to show your support when mapping features and attributes important for local and global projects on OpenStreetMap!

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