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  • Elizabeata Lienhard, West Virginia University

User Friendly Mapping and Friendly Mapping Chapters

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

Hi! My name is Elizabeata Lienhard. I am an upcoming senior at West Virginia University. I am a double major in Geography with an emphasis on GIS and French. I am the president of Maptime Morgantown and WVU’s Geography Honor Society. I am interested in database management and geoinformatics. I am looking to go to graduate school for one of those interests. In my free time, I love to go hiking, try new food, and travel when possible. Fun fact: I recently donated my hair to the St. Baldrick's organization for childhood cancer research! Something I want to see Maptime Morgantown do is increase our edits and make OSM editing more of a social event!

The creation of Maptime Morgantown at WVU, opened a new opportunity to the students of West Virginia University. After being apart of the organization through its first year, I have learned a ton of new things. I am excited to begin the club’s second year as a Co-Chair. We hope to incorporate many of the same methods used before. I am happy that this organization is open to anyone that goes to school here. Open Street Map is user friendly and opens you up to humanitarian needs. Maptime Morgantown, allows for anyone who needs community service through the university to come and get a certain amount of edits to earn hours. We are excited about this being a part of our organization. We draw people in that would never think of mapping and they are receiving hours for service.

We also have some support from the community on mapathon days. We try to get local pizza places to donate food for the event. It makes our events more casual and people can take a break through long mapathons to get pizza and chat with fellow mappers. We hope to keep Maptime Morgantown a thriving organization at WVU and to spread the word about humanitarian mapping!


Photos contributed by Elizabeata Lienhard.

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