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  • Ataur Rahman Shaheen, Dhaka College

OpenStreetMap, a name of gardening

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

YouthMappers Dhaka College chapter is a very active chapter. Every month it arranges a mapathon and monthly meeting to share each others' opinions, work progress, experiences, problems and solving by teamwork.

I am Ataur Rahman Shaheen, student of Hon's 3rd year of Statistics department at Dhaka College. I am an executive member of YouthMappers, Dhaka College chapter.

I love gardening. So I love mapping. Because mapping is like gardening to me. People do gardening to increase beauty of their surroundings and nature. Mapping also increases the beauty of our planet. It makes the map more useful and easy to all.

Flowers and trees are the best for gardening. Planting trees is the main part of gardening. We water our garden for good growth of plants. We also use fertilizer and insecticides for healthy and rich gardens. After all of that, flowers bloom in the garden and it makes nature more beautiful.

OpenStreetMap is the best for mapping. Similarly in the OSM mapping the base is drawing homes & roads by using satellite imagery. Then we put many information items in the map. We do fieldwork for every single information point to complete the map. After all this work its looks like charming garden full of flowers. That means it’s a totally complete, easy and very informative map. And that makes the world more beautiful.

So I think everybody should doing gardening for nature and mapping for a better world.


I would like to thanks a genius cannon and pioneer of OSM Bangladesh, Ahasanul Hoque. He introduced Bangladesh with OpenSteetMap and did very hard working and gave his valuable time to OSM Bangladesh. Even sometimes postponed his most favorite work, reading books for OSMBD. And now its only his credit that OSMBD successfully running in Bangladesh. He also give his full support and help for YouthMappers, Dhaka College chapter.

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