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  • Patricia Solís, Director/CoFounder of YouthMappers

Apply to be a YouthMappers Visiting Open Data Scholar

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

DEADLINE: Applications are being accepted through this online form beginning January 27 until funds are expended.

WHO MAY APPLY: Individual or small teams of students from any approved YouthMappers chapter in good standing (roster and reporting up to date).

WHERE: Traveling from any country to any host country with a USAID mission.

WHAT: YouthMappers is offering supplemental travel support of up to $500 per student to match sufficient other resources committed to a planned trip for either data collection, study abroad or research exploration, to add an activity to support the establishment of and data creation orientation for a new YouthMappers chapter in the host country or to provide local capacity building support in the form of peer training in skills or tools requested by a host chapter / prospective new group. An additional $100 may be awarded to the host chapter for justified expenses in holding an event (such as for supplementing internet connection, or local transportation for field mapping.)

WHY: Facilitate exchange across chapters, support youth leadership within the network, build capacity in new sites, and explore student research ideas.

WHEN: Starting January 27, 2017 applications will be accepted at any time. Submissions will close when the program budget is committed. Applications must meet ALL above requirements and criteria and submit all requested information. Notifications will be made within 3-4 weeks of submission of all materials.


  • Meets directly the purpose described above

  • Well-planned and involves local host to a reasonable extent (established contact and evidence of being jointly planned)

  • Traveling students demonstrate appropriate skills for training / familiarity with YouthMappers

  • Advantage given to applications which show promise for future long term “sister” relationships between chapters

  • Viability of future student research (such as a preliminary research site exploration for using OSM data in theses and dissertations)

REQUIREMENTS of traveling students upon completion of visit:

  • Provide requested information to receive financial disbursement in a timely manner (accounting form, etc.)

  • Submit a travel or event blog to the YouthMappers site, co-authored with a student leader from host country

  • Submit a full report including plans for the data in potential research (format provided)

  • Give a presentation summarizing the experience at your home chapter or an academic conference

REQUIREMENTS of host upon completion of visit:

  • Establish a YouthMappers chapter and/or

  • Host an event (mapathon for data creation, local group data collection or training etc.)

  • For those accepting additional support, submit a host activity or event report (format provided).


Want to be a host? Let us know by email and we will work to recruit a Data Scholar to receive for your local project.

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