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  • Yusuf Suleiman, YouthMappers Leadership Fellow

YouthMappers Chapter Grows in Nigeria

Updated: Jan 4, 2021

In furtherance of our commitment to open mapping and humanitarian causes, the Ahmadu Bello University YouthMappers Chapter recently welcomed and introduced its newly admitted members to the chapter. Under the supervision of the YouthMappers advisor, Dr. Benedine Akpu, the meeting event started at around 10AM GMT+1. All newly admitted members were briefed on the YouthMappers mission, vision and efforts to promote, enhance and sustain open mapping for resilient and sustainable development. Members were also briefed about the OpenStreetMap platform, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap, and their responsibility. From the audience, we gleaned that about 65% of the newly admitted members already have an interest in mapping, and another 14% of them are familiar with the OpenStreetMap platform. Akoh Usman, a first year graduate student of GIS and Remote Sensing said “I love mapping because I am fascinated with the myriad of applications to which it can be applied. Knowing that OpenStreetMap supports that gives me the necessary boost to support the YouthMappers mission.” Another student, Ibrahim, admitted that “I have heard about OpenStreetMap, but never had an opportunity to try it out. I am glad that the ABUGeomappers is bringing geospatial evangelism here. I am in.” During the meeting several key posts/positions were announced, and some newly admitted members were given new posts in the chapter. A date was chosen for training of all newly admitted members, and the meeting was sealed with a photoshoot!

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