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  • Maliha Binte Mohiuddin, 2017 Leadership Fellow

“Exploring Dhaka University with Mapillary” – A new era of Marching of Women through Mapping on IWD

On the occasion of Happy International Women’s day, the “Exploring Dhaka University with Mapillary” event has inspired us to support the marching of women for enhancing the world map through the support of YouthMappers Let Girls Map campaign. The female members of the YouthMappers Dhaka University chapter has celebrated the day by snapping lots of images of the 240 hectares (600 acres) campus through the Mapillary app by walking.

We all know that LetGirlsMap is a YouthMappers campaign active from International Women’s Day, March 8, 2019 to International Day of the Girl, October 11, 2019 and features mapping efforts that support women and girls issues. The campaign has made a remarkable part of making the effort of Womens’ journey in the world of mapping. YouthMappers has always encouraged the female leadership into mapping; to support the woman's efforts can bring a significant role.

The female members of Youthmappers who have participated ““Exploring Dhaka University with Mapillary” event to celebrate the International Women’s day. The picture has taken place on the campus of Dhaka University, in here the monument has named as Aparajeyo Bangla means “Undefeated Bengal” which dedicated to the Bangladesh Liberation war in 1971.

The University of Dhaka was established in 1921 during the British Raj, it has made significant contributions to the modern history of Bangladesh. In Mapillary , we snapped some of the following historic places related to University of Dhaka:

Through Mapillary , we have snapped one of the most historic places of Dhaka University, the place named as Curzon Hall.

  • British Raj- era building.

  • Faculty of Sciences.

  • Played an important role during the Bengali Language Movement, 1948–1956

In this photo, on the left side we have snapped the Anti Terrorism Raju Memorial Sculpture near TSC through Mapillary . It is one of those landmarks of Dhaka that is familiar to virtually everyone.

On the left side of the image, the first Women’s residential hostel of University of Dhaka was recognized as Women’s Hall from September, 1956. In 1964, this Women Hall was named as "Ruqayyah Hall" after the name of Begum Ruqayyah who dedicated her whole life to emancipate the women of this sub-continent.

"This week the world is celebrating International Women’s Day. On this occasion, we, the students of Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh, presented our whole campus through Mapillary app to support and to be a part of the campaign #LetGirlsMap. The aim of it was to show support women’s rights by showing how much girls can accomplish everyday by their efficient hard works. It was an amazing experience to be a part of this campaign of YouthMappers for greater progress of towards gender equality through mapping.”

- Nawshin Afrose, 5th Batch 3rd Year (Hons.), Institute of Disaster Management and Vulnerability Studies, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

“It was great to do something great on the women's day in such a nice weather. Feels great to give the world just another reminder that we still have so many visions to show you and so many roads to explore along with every women out there.”

- Mourupa Mohima, 5th Batch, Idmvs, University of Dhaka

“In International women's day 2019, I got a tremendous chance to participate in LetGirlsMap campaign. It was an awesome day having unique experience with the Mapilliary app. We enjoyed the whole day capturing different places in Dhaka University campus using Mapilliary app.It is so helpful as it provides appropriate GPS connector. Thanks for providing me this skillful chance.”

- Ishrar Tahmin Anika ,Institute of Disaster Management & Vulnerability Studies, Batch:6th, Hons. 2nd year.

In previous decades, there was a thought that to have a girl child in the family was the sign of burden in developing countries. But now the mindset has changed because the campaign like LetGirlsMap has introduced the world that Women can be the changer-makers with the true nourishment of their potentiality in a right way .





Maliha Binte Mohiuddin is a 2017 YouthMappers Leadership Fellow and graduate of the University of Dhaka, Bangladesh. She is interested in writing to inspire youth through words and she believes in Female Leadership. Maliha is a regular contributor to the YouthMappers Blog, follow her @mohiuddinmaliha

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