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  • NDEYI Queeneth Chinaza, University Port Harcourt

BALANCE FOR BETTER IN GEO-SPATIAL YOUTH EMPOWERMENT: My 2019 experience with the Unique Mappers Team

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

‘Balance For better’ is a workshop that was organised by the Unique Mappers team to campaign for LetGirlsMap as part of the International Women's Day celebrations.

Picture of LetGirlsMap organizers with their team coordinator

LetGirlsMap Organizers with their team coordinator


I came across the flier on a friend’s WhatsApp status. It was tagged ‘Geospatial Technology: The Solution for Women Transformation.’ As a purposeful and intentional lady, I have always longed to know more about Geospatial technology and what it entails, so I decided to attend the program. It was indeed an awe-inspiring event. It featured a Mapathon party for vulnerable women, OpenStreetMap: The voice of vulnerable women and so many other amazing activities and this happened to be my first encounter with the Unique Mappers Team.

After which, I opted for The Unique Mappers Team (UMT) and the experience has been exhilarating. Unique-Mappers Team is a community based NGO that collects field data, provides Humanitarian Disaster Response, Inclusive Community participation, Mobile Data Collection and Citizen science activities. We are a community of scientists and volunteers involved in data collection, analysis and reporting. We also identify communities and give these mappers the ability to use their talents to map the towns and villages in these areas through the organisation of mapathon, thereby, putting the world’s vulnerable places on the map.

Mapathon at ICTC Uniport UMT Weekly Meeting Session

UMT weekly meeting session

A Mapathon battle was also organised by the Team Coordinator Mr. Victor Sunday at the University ICTC, and student volunteers came together to map vulnerable communities on HOTs. The Mapathon exposed me to the entirety of Open Street Map and its usage in mapping. The lessons were thrilling, far beyond my expectation and the team work was an amazing one. Mapping trainings were also organised to equip us with frontline practical mapping

and geospatial skills.

Within a space of two months with the team, I’ve been able to sharpen my mapping skills and speaking skills. Through my visibility online as a mapper, I was able to attract a speaking engagement on a WhatsApp platform where I trained a group of individuals on mapping skills.

Presentation during UMT weekly meeting session

Through the team, I was exposed to the Nigerian Environmental Society. I attended some of their meetings and was given the opportunity to meet great leaders with distinction. As a lady, I was able to shun mediocrity and I recognised my gifts and potentials without flaunting them.

I also volunteered to mentor secondary school females during the ‘Female and More in school Season 4’.

Queeneth reaching out to students during Female and More In school, Season 2

The moments I’ve spent with the Team have been moments of intensive learning, un-learning, re-learning, networking and personal development. I look forward to next year’s International Women's Day celebration where I will be able to utilise my acquired skills to foster the growth of the Team.

NDEYI, Queeneth Chinaza is a 200L student of the Department of Microbiology in the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. She is an Optimistic, Resolute, Determined and Purposeful young lady. A Female advocate and a Self-esteem instructor. A Speaker, a Writer, an Editor, a Content Creator, a Mapper and a Teen Coach.

She is passionate about Teens and Youth's Self Development for Total Independence. She intends to remodel the mind sets of the 21st century's youth and make them better versions of themselves, raising their self-esteem and boosting their confidence to take up responsibilities, solve world problems and make society a better place. She also wants to break down stereotypes while dedicating herself to the promotion of universal moral values.

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