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  • Ibrahim Abdulai Kargbo || YouthMappers Regional Ambassador || Sierra Leone

Mapping Our World: Fostering Geospatial Skills and Development

In our increasingly interconnected world, the importance of geospatial skills cannot be overstated. These skills empower individuals to comprehend our global landscape, tackle worldwide challenges, and contribute to sustainable development goals. Recognizing this importance, the YouthMappers Regional Ambassadors' Team embarked on a significant endeavor ‘The YouthMappers Regional Ambassadors' Webinar Series’ with its inaugural event, titled "Mapping Our World: Fostering Geospatial Skills and Development Training."

Event Overview

The YouthMappers Regional Ambassadors' Webinar Series is a dynamic virtual event aimed at equipping young individuals with geospatial knowledge and Leadership skills. The inaugural event covered two enlightening days held virtually on September 23rd-24th, 2023. The event featured esteemed YouthMappers Regional Ambassadors from diverse regions across the globe hosted by Ibrahim Abdulai Kargbo, YouthMappers Regional Ambassador based in Sierra Leone. Its main mission is to provide participants with comprehensive insights into the geospatial field, facilitate collaboration among YouthMappers, and foster skill development for multifaceted applications to address global challenges. The event was honored to have these facilitators: Erick Tamba, YouthMappers Regional Ambassador based in Tanzania; Maya Lovo, YouthMappers Regional Ambassador based in Mexico; Victor Ademoyero, Youthmappers Regional Ambassador based in Nigeria; Nishan Kumar Aryal, YouthMappers Regional Ambassador based in Nepal.

Highlights of the event

Our Special Guest: Elodie Nix, YouthMappers Technical Project Manager

This event was not merely an assembly of minds; it was a convergence of passion, dedication, and a shared vision for a better world. The presence of our esteemed guest speaker, Elodie Nix, set the stage for a remarkable exploration of geospatial knowledge. Her inspiring speech left us motivated to pursue geospatial careers. She shared her journey through YouthMappers.  Her remarkable journey within the realm of geospatial technology served as a wellspring of inspiration for all participants.

Our unique Facilitators

This event was graced by a team of esteemed YouthMappers Regional Ambassadors, each recognized as an achiever in the world of the geospatial field.

From foundational principles to advanced tools, from humanitarian mapping to community development, they showcased the diverse dimensions of geospatial technology. Their expertise not only equipped us with skills but also ignited a passion for effecting positive change through maps.

Day 1

Erick Tamba, YouthMappers Regional Ambassador (Tanzania) introduced participants to the foundational principles of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Open-source data collection tools. His session laid the groundwork for a profound understanding of the components of GIS, the application of GIS in various fields, and open-source Mobile Data collection tools.

Nishan Kumar Aryal, YouthMappers Regional Ambassador (Nepal) enlightened us on the dynamic world of OpenStreetMap, showcasing the iD editor and the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) Tasking Manager. His presentation shed light on the OpenStreetMap and (HOT) Tasking Manager community, emphasizing its roles in addressing global challenges. He guided the participants in creating an OSM account and selecting a Project in the HOT tasking Manager.

Day 2

Maya Lovo, YouthMappers Regional Ambassador (Mexico) shared her insights on mapping for community development. She offered insights into the transformative power of geospatial tools in effecting positive change within local communities showcasing her major projects. She emphasized the importance of mapping in addressing community challenges and fostering community development.

Victor Ademoyero, YouthMappers Regional Ambassador (Nigeria) enlightened participants through the principles of QGIS and remote sensing analysis. His presentation showed the profound capabilities of geospatial technology in addressing global challenges, including disaster response using QGIS.

An Enlightening Panel Discussion

The event concluded with a captivating panel discussion featuring all facilitators. The central theme of this discourse was 'The importance of geospatial data across various industries and its pivotal role in addressing global challenges.' The panelists engaged in insightful dialogue, highlighting the importance of geospatial skills. It emphasized how these skills are important in various industries, becoming essential in addressing global challenges and fostering sustainable development. 

In conclusion, We're grateful to YouthMappers for this transformative opportunity, and thanks to all our Regional Ambassadors for a successful training.

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to all participants who joined from different corners of the world. We anticipate the collective impact you will make with your newfound geospatial knowledge.

The journey toward geospatial enlightenment continues, and we invite you to stay tuned for the upcoming enlightening Regional Ambassadors' Webinar Series

“We don’t just build maps, we build mappers”

About the Author

Ibrahim Abdulai Kargbo is a graduate of Central University Sierra Leone, earning a Bachelor of Science Degree with Honors in Business Administration and Management. With a passion for geospatial data and mapping, Ibrahim actively participated in various mapping projects. He is a 2023 YouthMappers Leadership Fellow. He served as the chapter president of Central University YouthMappers, Sierra Leone from 2021-2022. Notably, in 2021, he contributed to the Mapping Power campaign in Sierra Leone. In 2022, he played a vital role in mapping financial institutions and learning facilities in the Mile 91 community. During his undergraduate studies, Ibrahim served as the President of the Creative Young Programmers' Association and as the Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Central University Students' Union Government. Recognitions include the title of Youth Peace Ambassador at the 2022 Sierra Leone National Youth Leadership Summit and being named one of the 50 Most Influential Students in Sierra Leone in 2022. Currently, Ibrahim is a Research and Teaching Assistant at Central University Sierra Leone, contributing to research endeavors and supporting students' learning.


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