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  • Jesse Garcia, YouthMappers Research Assistant

YouthMappers Research Assistant Introductory Blog

Hello! My name is Jesse Garcia. I am pleased to be the newest addition to the team as YouthMappers Research Assistant at Texas Tech University. I am a senior at Texas Tech University, and I major in Geography with a minor in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Despite the fact that I only started working with YouthMappers at the beginning of November, I have already learned so much about this wonderful organization. Participating in events such as Mapathons really opened my eyes to just how the world is constantly changing around us. Some of these challenges include helping those who are less fortunate than us, which gives both me and everyone else here a sense of euphoria as our help leaves a great impact.

Not only is it about helping those in need, but it is also about helping ourselves. When participating in YouthMappers events that partake in different parts of the world, I feel that I have immersed myself in the culture of that area. Being able to surround yourself with different people and different backgrounds really broadens your horizons on how we view the world from a more open standpoint. I got the opportunity to work with YouthMappers from my professor and academic advisor Linda Jones. I could not have started my journey here without her help, thank you Linda.

Male, Jesse, posing for photo in black suit with a red tie in a classroom.

Ever since I switched my majors from electrical engineering to geography, I felt and have continued to feel that the geography community at my university is more of a family to me. With my introduction at YouthMappers, I feel as if my family is ever increasing. As I get to meet more of you as time goes on, I hope that I too can make a great impact that you have all made here at YouthMappers. I am willing to put forth the effort to continue the stride of greatness that is YouthMappers.

Thank you YouthMappers!


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