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  • Sabrina Anderson, Hexagon Geospatial

Hexagon Partners with YouthMappers to Support Humanitarian Efforts

This article first appeared on Hexagon Geospatial's blog on March 13, 2019.

Hexagon’s Geospatial division has expanded our academic partnerships by offering support to the international organization, YouthMappers.

YouthMappers is a community of university researchers, educators, and students who utilize and produce geographic information through web-based technology to assist in humanitarian causes. With their world-class ambition, the organization works diligently to generate new spatial data that helps improve access to quality resources and services in areas that need more assistance.

Similarly, our mission is to visualize and analyze dynamic information to improve productivity and solve real-world challenges. We are proud that our goals align with YouthMappers’ mission, and we look forward to providing licenses of our industry-leading software to their members so they can continue to pursue productive and impactful research.

We are confident that our cloud-based geospatial applications, GIS analytics tools, and additional Education packages will be a productive part of the positive, smart change that the organization is already helping to make globally.

Improving Life for Global Citizens YouthMappers’ many projects touch communities around the world. In Zambia, Nigeria, and Tanzania, these projects tackle major health issues by providing actionable information to YouthMappers’ partner organizations about the level of care that is available to new mothers and their children.

In the Philippines, the organization is bringing awareness to agricultural concerns and food sustainability. Members of the organization also concern themselves with epidemiological efforts such as keeping track of residential areas being treated for malaria in Cambodia, Rwanda, and Guatemala.

See a full list of YouthMappers’ current projects and active locations.

This article first appeared on Hexagon Geospatial's blog on March 13, 2019.

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